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Are they really bees, or are they wasps? I ask because a lot of people don't make the distinction, despite the fact that they are very different animals. If it's really wasps, getting rid of their nests is the best approach. They probably are living under the eaves of your house, or maybe neighboring houses. There are special was sprays that have long-distance nozzles, so you can knock them out from a distance. I'll assume that you're talking about honeybees. What are they doing there? Are they coming after the only source of water in the area, or eating the sugar out of soft drink cans, or collecting nectar from flowering plants. If they are after the only nearby source of water, you probably can't get rid of them. If they are digging through the trash, get rid of the trash. If it's flowering plants they're after, you have to decide whether you want the plants and the bees, or neither. My gut reaction is learn to live with them unless someone has a serious allergy. (In which case, get a professional who can examine the details of the situation. Then it's too important to leave to chance.) Bees scare a lot of people, but they are rarely aggressive. They have more important business to attend to than messing with you.

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Q: How do you get rid of bees around a swimming pool?
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