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Most ear aches are caused by a pressure differential between the inner and outer ear. Usually this is the result of fluid buildup from a cold or other nasal infection, and will subside in a few days. Drinking lots of fluids, keeping your head propped up, and applying heat to you ears will help the pressure release. If it does not subside for more than a few days, it could be an ear infection which should be treated with antibiotics.

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Does blowing smoke in someones ear help his or hers ear aches?

Yes..... It does... the smoke surculates through out the ear and cleans the ear out...... and an ear being clogged sometimes couses ear aches.

Do you get ear aches during pregnancy?

alot of people do.

Can ear infections cause head aches?


How do you get rid of a ear infection with a home remedy?

how to get rid of ear infection

Does Baby oil help ear aches?

Yes it does .I have a ear ache and I'm using it now

How do you get rid or an ear infection?

ear drops

How can you get rid of ear pain?

If its the inside of your ear you probably have an ear infection

Why ear hurt after wisdom tooth pull?

Ear aches are one of the symptoms of dry socket. Get that checked out asap!

How do you get rid of rid of a ear infection in a baby?

Go to the doctor.

Is it true hot water gets rid of an ear infection?

No, and putting hot water in your ear can damage your ear. It can cause burns and blisters inside the ear. To get rid of an ear infection, you need a prescription antibiotic (usually ear drops) from a physician.

Should you get ear aches after tonsillectomy?

yes your ears hurt VERY bad, and this is normal!

Why is the reason for onion in the ear?

Putting onion in the ear is a home remedy for softening ear wax for easier removal. It is also supposed to help relieve ear aches. I cannot attest to the veracity of the claims.

How can you minimize the pain of an ear ache?

* I always find that if you massage the ear lobe -- the lower part of the ear, where you wear an earring -- the pain will minimize. * A drop or two of warmed garlic oil placed in the ear is great for ear aches.

How do you get rid of ear mites in humans?

humans do not get ear mites only animals do.

What is an anagram for chase?


Why cant moths fly during an earthquake?

cause they gey really bad ear aches

Does chocolate help head aches?

no it does not help but if you go to a nice dark place you can get rid of it

How do you get rid of head aches?

you go to sleep or take some moltren or just rest

Cat ear mite cures?

There is medicine aka ear drops and stuff like that which can rid of ear mites.

What foods help stomach aches?

Any food . But not junk food. Apples are good, although some people feel that it is too acidic. They help to get rid of aches.

How can people become deaf?

Being exposed to very loud sounds can make people deaf or cause them to have certin dieases to the ear involving the ear such as an ear ache. I you have an ear ache go to a hospital ASAP or a Dr. ear aches cause pain in the ear be prepared for an ear ache any type inner ear middle ear or outer ear.

Why does she put an onion in a ear?

Putting a nice warm onion in the ear canal is supposed to cure ear aches. But it is really a just myth. Anything warm will make the ear feel better but it can't cure an infected ear. Bacteria are not going to be killed this way.

How can you get rid of head aches?

most people think that rubbing their temples gets rid of it actually place your thumb on the roof of your mouth for 30 seconds

Can ear aches be serious?

Probably nothing to worry about, if this continues for another day or two, I would suggest visiting a doctor and letting them look at it. It is probably an Ear Infection

How do i get rid of the blocked feeling in my ear which has resulted from a sinus infection?

you go to the doctor or get your ear wax out