How do you get rid of fruit flies indoors?


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Get rid of old food, don't leave food out.

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leave out a glass of red wine or vinegar

Fruit Flies can sense other types of food too, like grains or vegetables. Also its very important to note that fruit flies do not only breed on fruit. Any sugary substance or even your rubbish bins can be perfect places for fruit flies. More information can be found here:

use a net and sticky traps. There are many ways and things you can try To get rid of fruit flies. I personally recommend that you use a vinegar trap. It is efficient and not hazard's. All you need to do is to pour some vinegar into a source. Then make a cone out of paper with the one end small enough for a fruit fly to go into. The cone must not touch the vinegar. The fruit flies will go in because they love the smell but they won't know how to get out. For more information try:

i just got two peepers and they eat fruit flies (if you have fruit flies they will get rid of them) leaves,small crickets and ants

Cleanliness especially around kitchen sinks and removal of the enticement, which is rotting food, function as effective remedies for getting rid of fruit flies. Known as Drosophilidae, fruit flies make up a diverse family with a very short lifespan and with a passion for fermenting, rotting material. Another effective remedy requires a vinegar trap, which lures fruit flies with the fermenting smells of vinegar.

yes the smell will stun the fly and will kill it

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Fruit flies are attracted to the smell of the fruit, they fly to the fruit to get to it. There they breed and lay their eggs so some fruit flies are born on the fruit.

flies that enjoy fruit

How to Get Rid of Crane Flies

No. They are fruit flies. They eat fruit. Not harmful.

Make sure to keep your drains of your house clean often. get rid of all soiled food substances and wash down all surfaces daily. Also try a fruit fly trap.

No, they stay fruit flies.

Fruit flies infest fruit by actually burrowing into the fruit, and laying their eggs inside of it. So when they hatch, the fruit flies then devour their environment

use soap and water and spray it.

A bird will fly outdoors or indoors, birds just fly.

You probably are if female fruit flies were on it.

No. fruit flies eat fruit. but they can throw up on it.

Fruit flies are a type of fly, so yes.

To get rid of fruit flies in your refrigerator, thoroughly clean it out. If any food looks 'iffy', toss it out. Scrub the fridge from top to bottom, and empty the drain pan underneath the refrigerator. Fill a narrow-necked bottle half-full of white vinegar. Rub dish soap around the inside and mouth of the bottle. Place the bottle in the fridge to draw in and trap any stray fruit flies.

Fruit flies are in fact decomposers. Ripe or rotting fruit is a mainstay in the diet of a fruit fly. Fruit flies also breed and lay larva in these environment.

fruit flies come from outside they do not generate from rotten fruit.

Fruit flies live in tropical climates.

There were never fruit flies in space.....

fruit flies do not bite at all . sweat flies do bite .

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