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How do you get rid of geese on your lake front?

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βˆ™ 2009-10-12 17:18:20

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There are different liquids that you can use to accomplish the task of getting rid of your goose problem.

Methyl anthranilate - this substance is found in the skins of grapes, is the thing that works the best.

Liquid Fence makes a hand quart bottle with a sprayer attachement that makes it easy to hook up to your lawn hose and spray the area of concern. They also guarantee this product to work!

2009-10-12 17:18:20
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Q: How do you get rid of geese on your lake front?
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they do on my lake,jb.

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To keep raft clean from poop, cover the raft with a tarp, that way the geese poop on that.

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It depends largely on how big the geese problem is. By that I mean 10 to 20 or 100 to 200 geese. Useing any number of non-lethal methods to rid your property ogeese include but not limited to; Harassment by Dogs, Maypole Streamers, Balloons - Mylar or Inflatable People, Flags, and Vegetative Barriers around water. You will need a Federal permit to use lethal methods to rid the geese problem.

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What is a collective noun with correct verb agreement?

The correct verb agreement for collective nouns is determined by whether the collective noun is singular or plural.For example:A flock of geese is landing on the lake.This time of year, flocks of geese are landing on the lake every day.

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Visit to solve your problem.

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We enjoy wild geese but want to keep them on the path from the lake and out of our flower beds.?

Display some predator decoys or sound decoys next to lake and flower beds.

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