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How do you get rid of ghosts?

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Say in the name of Jesus go away!

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What spells can get rid of ghosts?

No spells get rid of ghost. Ghosts are not real and spells are not real.

How do you rid of ghosts?

well,you have to have a sage.Then,you light it so it smokes.after this process you slowly not have ghosts or spirits

How can you get rid of ghosts?

hey I'm Alex and you said u want to know how to get rid of ghost well you really can't get rid of ghosts at all and i know i ton about ghost if u have a question ask me

What do ghosts have to do with religion?

religions have only one thing to do with ghosts you can usually get rid of a ghost by calling upon god.

Can you get rid of ghosts yourself?

There is no such thing as ghosts. The way you can "remove" them is by finding out what your actually hearing, seeing or feeling. There is a rational explanation to everything.

How do you get rid of the ghosts in the sims 3?

There are a bunch of ways to get rid of ghosts, but you have to get rid of ghosts before they scare you to death!! 1. Take their gravestone and drop it off at the cemetery. If they don't have a gravestone. Then take the ghost to the cemetery by clicking of your car and clicking go to community lot with.. then click the ghost's name. Then jog to your house with your car in your inventory. You now are ghost free:)

How can you catch ghosts?

ghost catching is different than getting rid of ghosts. if you want to get rid of one , usually just asking it politely on the time it usually appears will do it. if you want to catch one you will have to get a ghost detector

How to get rid of Ouija ghosts?

Offer them pork blood and white rice porridge.

How do you get rid of the ghosts that you see?

If you believe that ghosts are real, some success in removing them has been found by hiring a priest to exorcise them. Otherwise, ghosts are not real; you should simply not smoking/snorting/injecting whatever you are.

Are the ghost busters helpful?

If you think there are ghosts in your house then call them.....but i would go to a therpy and ask if you have ghosts in you works....i've tried it well i hear that ghosts busters get rid of ghosts,so i guess if you think you have a ghost in your house maybe they could help.

How do you get rid of ghosts in pocket god?

To get rid of ghosts in pocket god, you have to click it and hold until you see the light. Once you see it (which will appear in the tree), you drag the ghost all the way there until the ghost is gone and to make a pygmy return, click the +.

Can holy water get rid of ghosts?

It is widely believed that holy water can chase away evil.

How do you reverse a spell to get rid of a ghost?

Ghosts are not real. Spells are not real. You don't have to worry it wasn't there to begin with.

Your flowers are red and blue you rid houses of ghosts and you live where the Stagecoaches roam What Are you?

Sage MushiMash- Chesnut server

Who to get rid of Ouija ghosts?

as far as i know you just smash the glass (but if I'm wrong i would like to know)

How did Scrooge get rid of the ghost of christmas past?

He takes the lamp extinguisher from the Ghosts hands, places it over the flame coming from the ghosts head and brings the extinguisher down. This extinguishes the life flame of the spirit

Can little kids get rid of ghost?

Yes anyone can get rid of ghosts. It's been said that if you put your shoes facing opposite directions on the end of your bed then the ghost will get upset and leave.

Name something people usually try to get rid of but hang as decoration for Halloween?

cobwebs spiders ghosts bats leaves

Where do you find gargoyles?

they are usually found on churches to get rid of the horrible and dark souls or ghosts in modern times and leave the holy spot unharmed.

Can ghosts haunt your house?

Depends. If the house isn't already haunted, most likely not, as ghosts don't come and go like that. If there are ghosts in the house, they will stay, unless you get rid of them. If there aren't any, most probably there won't be any, unless someone gets murdered there/commits suicide or for other unpleasant reasons a ghost somehow appears

Do ghosts enter the body from behind?

There are no such things as ghosts.There are ghosts and ghosts don't enter you... poltergeists POSSESS you. O.o

Are there ghosts in Purcellville Virginia?

There is no such thing as ghosts, so no, there are no ghosts in Purcellville, Virginia.

Are there ghosts in bhangarh?

NO Ghosts do not exist.

Are ghosts haunting?

Ghosts do not exist.

Do ghosts have a shadow?

NO. Ghosts do not have shadow.

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