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The use of the metal trap filters helps get rid of iron in the pool water. A product like the Liquid MetalTrap which works with a wide variety of pH will be able to get rid of the iron in the pool water.

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Iron salt? I assume you are talking about iron the mineral. The method to get rid of iron depends on several different things. First the type of sanitizer you are using and how high the iron level is. So if you can send another question with the that information and how many gallons of water you have in the pool I can answer your question in better detail.

If there are no steel pipes used in the pool construction then the iron was present in the water before it was added to the pool.

i need to know how to get rid of green water

The water can be drained outwith a hose.

Use a sequestering agent for Iron removal. k

No,iron rusts and rust turns to algae and it takes a lot of chlorine and shock to clean a pool after there has been algae growing in it. Or it could tear the liner of your pool do not put iron in your pool

How can I get rid of rust colored stains in my salt water pool. It is only in the shallow end?

Empty the pool out and fill it with soil. OR Use chlorine.

u just clean the pool or buy a new one

You buy a swimming pool net and scoop them out.

Try casting a flocculant let it settle for a couple of days and then vacuum the bottom layer of water to waste you will see the layer you want to remove on the bottom of the pool. check with your pool shop for a good brand of flocculant.

It can. Well water has lots of minerals. Iron, zink etc.

Iron in the fill water and you probably added chlor right after filling. Filter the water for 24 hrs then add chlor. There is a product made for iron in the water. It is a chealating agent that keeps the iron in suspension until the filter can filter out the iron.

The water of your new plaster finished pool might turn green when you added chlorine because of iron in your water. You pool generally needs to be filled with water that has been filtered for iron.

There are simple test strips for iron by Aquachek and others. You can also take a water sample to your local pool supply store for testing.

Absolutely do not mix shock with bleach. there are chemicals specifically designed to remove Iron from the water. Ask your pool supply store. Hatawa

too much iron in water when filling up small pool

Have the water tested to ascertain the cause (organics, iron, etc.) If it is organic (algae, etc) you want to shock the pool with chlorine. If it is iron you want to use a chelating agent, available in your local pool store, to remove the iron from the water before you shock..

Any iron in a swimming pool is likely to cause staining. Visit your local pool store and have it tested and based on the results of the test they can provide a sequestering agent to help remove the iron.

It is caused by the iron content in the water Your pool shop should have something to help you.

Yes if you use well water it can turn the pool brown or black for it has a lot ofIron..

Heavy iron content in the water.

Make sure ur pool is chlorinated often cause that kills them and they also bite