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Well, their are different kinds of jealousy 1-friends 2-popular crowds 3-boyfriend and girlfriend. Friends-just pretend like the persons not there Popular Crowds- just stay true to yourself, you're probably better than them in one way or another Boyfriend&Girlfriend- if your boyfriend is hanging around another girll, just tell him how you feel. if your girlfriend is hanging around another boy, tell her how you feel.

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Q: How do you get rid of jealousy?
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What is a sentence for jealousy?

He screams in a rage of jealousy.She doesn't hide her jealousy well.

How do you use the word jealousy in a sentence?

Her jealousy for her sister began to boil.Her jealously was not attractive.Jealousy will only lead into despair.

Does jealousy affect a relationship?

Jealousy can affect a relationship if you let jealousy get in the way of your relationship.

What is zelophobia?

Fear of jealousy. the fear of jealousy

Which is a stronger emotion love or jealousy?

Definitely Jealousy. Jealousy has the power to end great friendships.

How do you get rid of jealousy after boyfriend has cheated?

First, you get rid of the boyfriend. Next, be more picky when it comes to the next boyfriend. When you meet someone they will tell you all the information you need to know about themselves. Listen, to what they say and how they say it and listen to your own intuition.

Is there a cure for jealousy?

no there isn't jealousy will always be around you

Which animal symbolizes jealousy?

the monkey symbolizes jealousy

Is jealousy a common noun?

No. Jealousy is an abstract noun.

Is jealousy an adjective?

No, but 'jealous' is an adjective. 'Jealousy' is a noun.

Can jealousy be the antidote to cheating?

no only idiot have jealousy

What is the Hebrew word for jealousy?

jealousy = kin'ah (קינאה)

How does jealousy influence crime and violence?

Jealousy is a toxic energy that fuels much of the negative behavior. Jealousy seeks revenge Must crimes of love are linked to jealousy.

Is there a disorder for jealousy and do I have it?

Nope - jealousy is a 'state of mind'... it's not a disorder. People can be 'trained' with counselling to suppress their jealousy.

A sentence with the word jealousy in it?

You have a bad character trait of jealousy.

What does black jealousy means?

Extreme jealousy, over the top.

Is lust jealousy?

NO. It is not correct to say that lust is equivalent to jealousy.

What is a metaphor for jealousy?

Green eyed demon is a metaphor for jealousy. Green in particular is a known color to be associated with the emotion of jealousy.

How do you handle sibling jealousy?

To get rid of sibling jealousy you have to distribute affection and material assets alike, so if you give one present to one you must give another of equal value or of same quality to the other. The feat of having twins is easier to endure if it is a girl and a boy as two of the same gender seem to be more aggressive .Generally girls tend to have the most sibling rivalry/jealousy though !!

How is jealousy seen?

How is jealousy seen?Jealousy is seen by body language, the way you speak to a person, talking about the person, and messing with the person.

What sentence can you write with the word jealousy?

Here are some sentences.Don't let jealousy ruin your friendship.His jealousy made her leave him.

What is the latin word for jealousy?

Invidia is the latin word meaning jealousy

What is the difference between pride and jealousy?

Pride is posotive and jealousy is negative.

What is a sentence using the word jealousy?

She was overcome with jealousy when her sister won the award. Jason has many female friends, but his girlfriend's jealousy is unfounded. Overcome with jealousy, she plotted to kill her husband's mistress. Both of my sons are extremely successful and I've never sensed jealousy between them.

Does love overcome jealousy?

This is opinionated but to me love won't always overcome jealousy because sometimes a love could be destroyed due to jealousy .