How do you get rid of lag on Roblox on phone?


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Switch to a tablet or xbox/computer.


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Try not to use any programs other than just roblox. Even music can make roblox lag.

your computer does not have a good enough vid card

I sorta forget exactly how, but you can go to You Tube and search anti-lag and try a few of those.

Because roblox is 3D and if you make a lot of bricks it will lag even Runescape will lag because it a 3D game

ROBLOX cannot give you a virus, but lag your computer.

if you lag while obtaining it

Roblox does not have a phone number.

I have the same problem. There is no real to to get rid of lag without new Internet lines, etc.

ROBLOX HQS phone number is 888-858-2569

Lag is followed up by latency. If you detect latency but not lag, then someone else has it.

The ROBLOX administrators got rid of insert tools. You can no longer use them.

you get out the tool you want to get rid of and press backspace and it will fall out of your hand

the lag is controled by the type of computer and the amount of space that your computer has! Also in your games you can add anti-lag scripts that will help do that, to add that either make one or get one from free-models!

no possible way exept wait for nightlife to quit beta. after that the lag may improve

You ave to go to roblox edit and select spawns the rename the spaws or delete them.

It is a boy in a place on his xbox, tablet, phone, and laptop who plays roblox

By lag you mean internet lag? Or graphical lag?If you mean internet lag, then the only thing you can do is to make sure no downloads are running while playing the game.If you mean graphical lag, you can try lowering the settings or closing background applications like the anti-virus.

Lag is usualy how slow the server your on. the expression "I'm lagging" means your going slow, due to the server. always wait for someone when they are lagging if you're role-playing.

You can't get rid of lag completely, but you can make your Wii or DS's Internet connection faster. Click the link below to find out how; they apply to Wii and DS.

you use lag to your advantage. if your compter is lagging and you still move, kill people that way

Huh? Oh, you mean you want to get rid of ROBLOX? OK, I'll tell you. First, click Start. Then, click All Programs. Click ROBLOX, then I suppose you click delete. I've never tried it before, but I hope it helps.

Go to account and click cancel (I think)

Sorry, but ROBLOX got rid of meshes about 1/2 a year ago.

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