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Q: How do you get rid of muskrats?
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Do muskrats eat animals?

muskrats eat mice,

Are muskrats herbivores omnivore or carnivores?

Muskrats are omnivorous.

What do muskrats drink?

Muskrats drink water from ponds or the oceans

Can muskrats be black in color?

Not likely, muskrats are brown in color.

Are muskrats marsupials?

No. Muskrats are placental mammals, not marsupials, which are pouched mammals.

Are muskrats rats?

Muskrats are rodents. Rats are also rodents, but a muskrat is not a rat.

Do muskrats lay eggs?

Yes indeed muskrats do lay eggs

Do Muskrats live in Michigan?

Yeeeauhh nig. Dem muskrats be livin up in da michigan.

Are there any facts about muskrats?

Yes, many. Muskrats are one of few aquatic rodents in the world.

Do muskrats eat lilies?

Yes muskrats and beavers have been known to chew on water lilies.

What eats a waterlily?


Are muskrats warm or cold bloded?

Muskrats (Ondatra zibethicus) are mammals and are warm blooded.

Do muskrats hibernate?

No they do not.

What symbiosis muskrats have?


Will a muskrat kill a house cat?

Muskrats are tough fighters and have been known to kill house cats. However, house cats are actually predators of muskrats. Other predators of muskrats include foxes, dogs, bobcats, and coyotes.

What threats are muskrats facing?

Muskrats live in wetlends, and humans are taking that away from them. But the upsides of this are taht humans are also building canals and irrigation channels, and muskrats may live there. Their conservation status *Population* isn't in any threat though.

What do muskrats eat?

Muskrats eat they eat plants and animals they are omnivores so get it straight you got it completely wrong because that is what they are and what they eat

Do mice and muskrats live in Africa's grasslands?

Muskrats are found in North America, and mice can be found in most places around the world.

Are Muskrats herbivores?


What eats cattail?


Do muskrats sleep in winter?

No, they do not.

Are muskrats native to Oregon?


Do muskrats climb trees?


Where there muskrats in the ice age?


Do muskrats exist?