How do you get rid of razor bumps on your pubic hair?


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that's inappropriate stupid

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Why do u shave your pubic hair places? Well anyway put lotion on it and don't sheave too much.

You'll never get rid of the itch completely, but Nair hair removal cream (or similar) works better than a razor.

use a 3 or more blade razor with shaving cream! ♥

Shave it. It is way better to simply get rid of it altogether. Try using a special pubic hair razor. I heard there was a spectacular one called the Philip 2030 or something like that. Hope I helped! Peace.

powder...powder will get rid of them it takes a little time but will surely work

Keep your hair very very clean

I use to have these. Don't shave as often. One every week or once every 2 weeks. Be sure to moisturize after you shave. make sure your razor head is sharp and new. Shave straight over the razor bumps.

You saliva has lots of cheese in it so the cheesy saliva wil help make it more smoother also if you eat your pubic hair you will have longer thicker hair :) ^ ^What an idiot, Well All I know is that you can go to a spa and see the treatment they have there. It's somewhat expensive, but its better than having ugly razor bumps.

You cannot permanently get rid of pubic hair. You can shave or trim them, there is also some laser surgery.

You can get rid of pubic hair by shaving it as you would a leg, armpit or face. You can use an electric razor or a regular razor blade available for commercial sale at most any store. Some people choose to pluck or wax their pubic area as this method makes the hair take longer to return and offers a smoother outcome. For long hair regular scissors can be used, or one could use a type of cream that, in a way, painlessly burns the hair off through a series of chemical reactions. These can often cause pain to the skin and a small bit of tester should be applied first before complete hair removal.

Flax seed helps to get rid of the bumps on the back of your arms. It will also strengthen your nails and make your hair shinier.

If your a girl there probably razor bumps and stores sell special cream to keep them away. Idk if they work though.

The only way not to get hair bumps on the back of your leg is by not shaving there. No hair grows there anyway & if it does it's so unnoticeable that there's no really no need...

There are products out in stores that will do it for you. Research it somemore.

The best way to get rid of them is to not shave/remove them at all, but not everyone likes the looks of their pubic hair, so if you do remove them, to prevent razor burn, bumps and ingrown hairs, here are a few tips. # Shave with the direction of hair growth. # Try not to shave too close # It is recommended that you shave after you take a shower, when your pores are more open due to the steam. You can also shave during your shower by putting a foot on the edge of the bathtub. # After you shave you should put on some aloe vera gel to the area to prevent ingrown hairs and all the things I mentioned previously or you can put hydrogen peroxide which works just as well. Hope this helps =]

you do have arm pit hair? if you mean. why do women keep pubic, and get rid of arm pit.. that is because it is theire choice, its up to you if you shave your pubes or armpit hair.

Are you pushing when you shave your arm pits? When I did that I got bumps too. Now I glide over my under arms with a razor and use a good shaving creme or other product. Shaving creme dulls your razor quickly and I find that hair conditioner or coconuts oil makes a great supplement. Hope I help you. ;)

you shouldn't shave your pubic hair. if its the pits, you can shave that. but if its your private hair, than just shave the borders of the pubic hair. If you shave the whole thing off, it'll grow back bushier than before.

hmmm shave and if u don't believe me Google it

ummm...yeah it is safe, but it will grow back bushier

Pleanty of Hair remvers in the Market. Or use razor blade/electric shaver

Unless you had a very creative skin graft, you won't have pubic hair growing anywhere near your shoulder blades. If you just want to get rid of body hair, you can shave it, electrolyze it, wax it, pluck it, or remove it with a chemical depillatory.

Use a hair removing cream according to your skin type.

If you don't want to shave but want to trim pubic hair, use a pair of scissors. You can use lotion in your pubic area to get rid of any itching that may occur.

Right i had the same problem, all you need to do is put sudocrem on your vagina for a week or so and they should go. If they dont go it could be more than red razor bumps so if they dont go, go and see a dremaoligest.

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