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Install a floating pool skimmer

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hold your mask on the top by your eyes and blow out of your nose

Yes. They do have scales, like a goldfish.

Scales help fish live in water by maintaining the needed balance of water inside the fish. Scales also help protect fish from predators.

One genus of rattlesnakes (sistrurus) has large plates or scales on the head. The genus crotalus has small scales.

Rattlesnakes of the genus crotalus have small scales covering the top of the head. Those of the genus sirtrurushave large scales, or plates, on the top of the head.

Crocodiles mostly use their scales for in the water, because they are smooth it allows them to move freely in the water with no delay.

she is holding the scales of fairness or the scales of justice.

you can get heart scals from luvdiscs then you will see the moves that you got rid of

it all depends what you mean by scales. Scales on what or for what. Scales can be found on fish and reptiles, it can be a system of classification, it can be a system of notation as in music, it can mean to climb over the top of some obstruction. Scale down can mean to reduce. Scales are a weighing machine.....

Fresh water fish do have scales. There are some exceptions, like catfish, but most fresh water fish have scales.

yes a particle does hav scales from a fish but they do soak the scales in warm water 4 24 hrs.

Yes. Both the marine and the fresh water species of Angelfish have scales.

i need to know how to get rid of green water

You can't get rid of extra water in the washer.

Fishing scales are used to measure the size and weight of the fish one has caught in the water. Some of the brands of fishing scales include; 'cabela's Hoists and Scales', 'Digital Scales' and 'T-Hanger'.

they can go in water and have scales.

Nearly all fish, including sharks, have scales. We don't have any fossilized impressions of Megalodon skin, but there is no reason to believe that they didn't have scales like other sharks. The scales on shark skin are useful because they trap water against the shark. Thus, the water that rubs against them mainly rubs against the water in between the scales, and that greatly reduces drag.

-The clock -The scales -The compass -The Printing press -The Parachute -The Wallpaper -The Submarine -The Flush toilet -The water thermometer And matches

I think they get rid of unneeded water by evaporating by sun.

There are a few names for snake scales - depending on where they are on the body. Some examples are: Dorsal (on top of the body), Ventral (underneath the body), Caudal (on top of the tail) and Subcaudal (underneath the tail).

the blood gets rid of the water in the kidneys from respiration

scales And they lay eggs in water

Placoid scales create turbulence in the water and allow sharks to swim with ease through the water.

In the show H2o: just add water, the scales used on the mermaid tails are vacuum formed plastic scales. There are over 5,000 plastic scales on each tail.

Yes, the Spanish mackerel has scales. These scales which only partly cover this species, are so small however that they are frequently overlooked. Many fish, such as tuna, herring and mackerel, shed their scales when removed from the water.

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