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Q: How do you get rid of scratches on ray bans?
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Which ray bans does Robert Pattinson wear?

Black Ray-Bans.

Did ray bans come from ray Charles?

No Sped

What are ray ban crystal green lenses?

ray bans are sunglasses. the lenses of "crystal green ray bans" are probably "crystal green", the color

How do you get rid of scratches on you?

you cant

What does the RB stand for on your ray bans?

Um - that would be Ray Ban!

Can a boy wear Ray-Bans?


Where can you get ray bans?

Ashfield, NSW, 2131

Are there geniune ray bans made in china?

Yes there are genuine ray bans made in china. Ray bans can be made in Italy or china. On amazon I read a few reviews about people upset that their ray bans were made in china. I googled it and found out that to keep up with demand they are made in both china and Italy. But most people prefer italy :) I hope I answered your question.

Should a 7th grade boy wear Ray-Bans?

it depands like if u like ray bans i thiink they look cool on girls no offence

What kind of ray bans does Justin Bieber have?

Well my friend. Justin Bieber does not have only one pair on Ray Bans!! So it depends on the kind that you are asking... As far as I know in his mugshot he was not wearing any Ray Bans but if he was they are the invisible series 134.7 from Brazil. Goodbye You are welcome :)

What sunglasses does Drake wear?

RAY BANS-- Everyone does :)

Most expensive sun glasses?

Ray bans