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It is not always a bad thing to allow a few Spiders to hang around your attic or basement, as they eat other less-desirable insects. To keep them out of your living area, just keep it clean. Sweep or vacuum away their cobwebs as soon as they turn up. Remove all egg sacks from in and around your home. If the infestation is unacceptable, you would need a professional exterminator.


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no they do not because they are made to get rid of moths not spiders

You can get rid of it by hitting it with a shoe or what is close to u

why would you want to? spiders are natural predetures who eat the pests that damage your strawberries and the spiders do you no harm.

Yes they do get rid of waste products when they are in there webs.

i have no clue but-blastoise rocks

actually in your basement there is no daddy long leg spiders the spiders in your basement are called cellar spiders they don't eat other bugs they just make webs and will sit there undisturbed for many days so you should get rid of them unless you want spiders in your basement. Hope this helped

Diatomaceous earth is an organic pest control that you can use to kill spiders. It is a safe and effective way to get rid of spiders and other pests.

no but they are important to spiders lives and many other bugs and things spiders help get rid of lots of things that humans don't need but spiders do

First you get rid of all Roley Polly's then u use heat against it.

You Spray them w/ Lysol Lemon and they go away

call the exterminator or use a speacial spray

Yes they are. They get rid of insects that are harmful to the garden.

Bed spiders are better known as bed bugs. Bed bugs are most definitely real and very hard to get rid of.

Spiders do not actually urinate. Rather, they produce a form of solid waste that gets rid of all the things they need to eliminate from their bodies.

Daddy long legs are completely harmless (they are one of the very few spiders that are not even poisonous!)

Yes, spiders are good for our planet. Although many of us, including me, hate spiders and would like nothing more that to squish them and be rid of them, spiders do benefit our planet. Spiders eat many pests, such as bugs, rodents, frogs, and sometimes even snakes.

what for? they eat pests and other bugs and dont bother you do they?

spray them with deoderant and they shrivel up nicely

Kill them. Or possibly move into a house that is non-spiderraded.

Spiders are attracted to bugs and some are attracted to cardboard boxes. So don't leave clutter around, and always clean up cobwebs!

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