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To get rid of tent caterpillars do not use soapy water i tired it.......it doesnt help.!!! It just gets u wet.........U should try like bee killing crap or some insect killing stuff like bug spry it worked last year.........!!!

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What affect do tent caterpillars have on trees?

There are three different kinds of tent caterpillars in the US. They are the forest tent caterpillar, the eastern tent caterpillar and the western tent caterpillar. All of these types can cause extensive damage to trees because they devour the leaves on them.

How do you get rid of tent caterpillars?

spray them with any insect killer

What tent caterpillars eat?

Tent caterpillars make a tent out of silk on branches of trees. The larvae can only eat small, young leaves, which kills the tree faster than eating the larger, older leaves.

What do Forest Tent Caterpillars Eat?

Forest tent caterpillars eat tree parts like its bark, the wood, and leaves. They usually eat Elm, Maple, Oak, and Sout trees.

What kind of plants do caterpillars live on?

Differtent kinds of caterpillars eat different kinds of plants. Monarch butterfly caterpillars eat milkweed, tent caterpillars eat alder trees, the gypsy moth catapillar eats fir trees.

Are tent-caterpillars poisonous?

Tent caterpillars are not poisonous. However, the hairs on the tent caterpillars back may be irritating to humans or animals that rub up against it.

Do forest tent caterpillars change into butterflies?

Forest Tent Caterpillars turn into moths not butterflies.

What types of tent caterpillars are there?

There are about 26 types of tent caterpillars. The most common types are eastern tent caterpillar, western tent caterpillar, forest tent caterpillar, and the lackey moth.

Can eastern tent caterpillars turn into monarch butterflies?

No. Eastern tent caterpillars are the larvae of a moth, not Monarch butterflies.

What has the author Sharon Collman written?

Sharon Collman has written: 'Biology and control of tent caterpillars' -- subject(s): Tent caterpillars

What do tent caterpillars eat?

they eat wild cherry, apple's trees and other trees with fruit. they also love to suck on apples, but be careful not to let it stick to the caterpillar!

Is the eastern tent caterpillar poisonous?

Eastern tent caterpillars are NOT poisonous, they are only dangerous to the mare reproductive system of horses but they do cause heavy damage to trees---so watch out for these hungry pests!

So it means they get the energy form the leaves and early buds from many trees. any other energy resources?

Eastern Tent Caterpillars eat the the leaves and early buds from many trees, their favorites being wild or ornamental cherry trees and apple trees. Though they do defoliate trees, the trees themselves most often survive. Eastern Tent Caterpillars eat the the leaves and early buds from many trees, their favorites being wild or ornamental cherry trees and apple trees. Though they do defoliate trees, the trees themselves most often survive.

What kind of caterpillars eat leaves from birch trees?

The forest tent caterpillar is known to eat the leaves from birch trees. If there are too many of them living on the tree it can cause severe damage.

How do you get rid of tent caterpillar cocoons?

Cover the entire "tent" with a plastic garbage bag and the lack of air should do the trick. If you cut off the branch, carefully place it in a garbage bag, or you will find that you have more of these caterpillars.

Were do caterpillars hide?

caterpillars hide in trees

Do Eastern Tent Caterpillars Eat Apples?

yes thay do eat apples.thay eat wild cherry, apple, pear and other fruit trees.

How long does for tent caterpillars to go into cocoons?

A tent caterpillar when it get long and fat to last the sleep

Why are tent worm caterpillars fuzzy?

birds tend to not like fuzzy caterpillars so the cute little tent worms use the fuzz as a defense so they don't get eaten

What is a caterpillars habitat like?

the caterpillars live in trees and in the grass

How do you get rid of caterpillars on your redcurrant bushes?

A natural way to get rid of caterpillars on Redcurrant bushes is with Neem oil. The oil will also rid the bush of other pest.

What trees do caterpillars live in?

I have seen them in Persimmon trees.

Are Forest Tent Caterpillars poisonous?

yes they will make you very sick

What is the difference between a Western Tent caterpillar and an Eastern Tent caterpillar?

when the tent caterpillars turn into moths the eastern have a white stripe and the western have a yellow stripe

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