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Think of the Paul Simon song. Hop on the Bus, Gus. Make a new plan Stan.

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Q: How do you get rid of your ex boyfriend when you got a new boyfriend?
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How should you react when your best friend is going out with your ex-boyfriend?

You got rid of him. Now get rid of her.

How do you get rid of a stocker ex-boyfriend?

Just tell him to stop. Thats all you got to say, but if he continues then report him.

Your ex boyfriend starting dating a new girl and you got a new boyfriend and your ex started asking him how you were doing and what you have done together. why is this?

he is either still in love with you or he wants to know the different bewtween him and the new boyfriend and see who u liked better

What to do when people talk about your ex in front of your current boyfriend?

Say "He is old I got my new man"

You keep running into your ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend and he ignores you why?

Answer: proberly because he got a new girlfriend, why should he stay and chat when he got a new love?

What does it mean when boyfriend says You Got Me?

your boyfriend wants to know he can trust you ex: you got me if i fall

What if your ex boyfriend still likes you a lot but you have a boyfriend but you kinda still like your ex what do you do?

just tell your new boyfriend that you still have feelings for your ex and tell your ex that you have a new boyfriend if they really care about you they will understand

Ex girlfriend got a new boyfriend?

This isn't a question, its more of an informative statement about your personal life...

How are you going to forget your ex-boyfriend?

get a new boyfriend

How do you get rid of your ex boyfriend who loves you but you don't love him?

its over now forget it

Why would and ex-girlfriend tell an ex-boyfriend that she called her new boyfriend by his name during passion?

She probably did it to make the ex- boyfriend jealous.

Your ex boyfriend does not know about your new boyfriend?

who cares you moved on

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