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If you have rusty colored water in cooling passages this is normal as the inside of the engine blocks are not treated. This will usually flush out when running unless block has set a extend period(several years). If used in salt or brackish water you need to start and flush motor on a hose with muff and use a neutralizer like salt away..

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Which type of powerboat engine must have a backfire flame arrestor?

a boat with a gasoline inboard enginea boat with a gasoline inboard engine

Which of the following is recommended maintenance for an inboard boat?

Deteriorated engine and hull zincs should be replaced if corroded

Which boat is required to have a backfire flame arrestor?

Only a boat with a gasoline inboard engine.

How do you unwinterize an inboard Mercruiser 120 boat motor?

I am reconditioning an inboard engine SerA339144. dive me some info

What is the difference between inboard and outboard in powerboat racing?

Inboard means that the engine is fixed inside the bottom of the boat. Outboard means the engine is fixed outside the boat, usually clamped to the stern, and can be tilted up in very shallow water, or removed from the boat when not in use for security.

What type of boat is required to have a backfire flame arrestor?

A boat with a gasoline inboard engine. All powerboats except outboards.

What is an outboard engine?

An outboard engine is an engine attached to the outside of a boat. An outboard engine is usually contained within its own casing. By contrast, an inboard engine is enclosed within the hull of the boat itself.

What are recommended maintenance for an inboard boat?

Deteriorated engine and hull zincs should be replaced if corroded

Can you use a car 305 engine in a boat?

Yes, you can use a 305 engine on some boats however, you need to provide more info on the type of boat. Putting the engine on an inboard/outboard, style boat would not be difficult at all, as long as you already have a good lower unit, same goes for an inboard. An outboard, on the other hand will be difficult, if its even possible to run a horizontal engine vertically.

How do you remove inboard boat motor?

It depends on the boat. Some have an engine cover that is removable and the engine can be removed easily. Others have the engine under a deck and you literally have to cut a hole in the deck to remove the engine. On really big boats it may be easier to cut a hole in the side of the boat to remove the engine.

What does a inboard engine on a boat look like?

Very much like an engine in any other vehicle. The most obvious difference would probably be the cooling system.

Why must you operate the exhaust blower before starting a boat with an inboard gas engine?

Operating the exhaust blower purges the engine compartment of explosive fuel fumes.

What would cause water to get in your engine oil after running for a minute in your inboard 4.3 boat engine?

Boat engines circulate water through a heat exchange with the oil, so that might indicate a leak in the heat exchange coil.

What do you do before starting an inboard or stern drive engine?

If the boat has a blower for the engine compartment, TURN IT ON for several seconds before starting the engine(s), to clear out any fuel fumes that might have accumulated.

Do boat have engines?

Yes the majority of boats have engines. Ranging from Outboards, Inboard/Outboard, and full Inboard engines. Some sailboats do not have engines but most have a small kicker engine for getting into port where they cannot sail, or also for when there is no wind.

How do you replace an inboard Motor in a boat?

My boat is a 1996 Four Winns Jet boat, and I am replacing a freeze break motor.

Where should you attach the inboard end of the anchor line to the boat?

The inboard end of the anchor line can be fastened to any secure point on the vessel.

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