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You can't.

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Q: How do you get sc in Free Realms without paying?
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Where do you get Free Realms membership?

you can get membership BY PAYING or PAYING BY SC COINS that is how you get free realms membership!

In Free Realms how do you get extra sc without doing nothing?

in the free realms game you can not get sc for free. you must go buy a game card and pay for it then use the code to get your sc.

Sc cash cheat for Free Realms?

There is no way to get free SC, sorry!

Were to get Free Realms SC coins?

Well... I really must say ask a friend on free realms... TO GET FREE SC... who hasn't used it yet

How do you get unlimited sc in Free Realms?

unlimited sc? there are nothing called unlimited sc in free realms u just can buy sc and there is one way to get free sc it's by playing trading treasure game on facebook but it has expired :(

How do you get free sc coins on Free Realms?

you have to go to store

How do you get double boombox on Free Realms?

you get it whit sc

In Free Realms how do you get a radio?

You buy it from the SC marketplace

How do you ride a pet in Free Realms?

You can buy a 'ride' on free realms in the sc market and then just click on the ride icon

How to get 1000 sc on free realms without buying sc cards?

well its not really possible unless you buy the 10 dollar card so the only way is to get a sc card from the store

How do you get 1000 free sc in Free Realms?

U win daily spin

How do you get cat ears on Free Realms?

You buy it on sc market