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Free Realms is a massively multiplayer online role playing game with both free and paid membership accounts. Questions about this game and how to play it belong here.

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Free Realms

How do you get a plaid shirt in Free Realms com?

You get it from the vault but it is closed now

EDIT: You are correct, but now there is a new update to the game called farming. Plant and grow to have a chance to unlock plaids, but to actually get the plaids you must buy them with SC in the Free Realms Station Cash market for 100SC for 4, comes in packs of 4.

Free Realms

How do you dance on Free Realms?

Dancing actions can be found under the Sweet Moves tab in the actions list. Standing near a boombox will also cause your character to dance.

Free Realms

Where are the adventure coins on Free Realms?

They are under the willow tree in the Yame County:)

(I don't play Free Realms, as you can see)

Another person: I play this and i found every adventure coin, but if i tell you where they are, I'll ruin the fun... So Go play free Realms and find out now :)

Free Realms

How do you run Free Realms?

do you see the green button that says download now or play now just press that and if a black screen doesn't show up when its play now you downloaded it wrong you have to click run not save when the download thing comes up

Free Realms

How do you get a motorcycle in Free Realms?

Free Realms

How do you get pathfinder's gloves on Free Realms?

You have to collect rare robgoblin junkpiles for the plate collection. The plate collection is quite rare, as far as I know, like the key collections.

~Skylette From Free Realms

Free Realms

When will Free Realms be back online?

Some workers are working around the clock to over come this hacker problem. All the servers should be back up in a couple of days.

Free Realms

How do you get strapped shoes on Free Realms?

by redeeeming a code to get terquoise striped shoes

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Is there codes for gloves on Free Realms?


Free Realms

How do you get hover boots on Free Realms?

You have to get the mystery chest in free realms buy the mystery kry open the chest and hope for the hover boots GO YOU! ^.^(''')

Free Realms

How do you create a guild in Free Realms?

nasty egg sack party in the pops its nasty like an egg sack makes you wanna rock whoo hoo

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What does it mean when your Free Realms account is not active?

It means that you havent verified it yet

Free Realms

How do you get free sapphires on pet party?

You can watch videos to get free sapphires.

Free Realms

How do you get the phoenix free in free realms?

Cant :( have to buy member ship before all members got it free :/

Free Realms

Will Free Realms give your PC a virus?

no it will not

Free Realms

How do you get pet with no ac of aqw free pet?

You can't get a pet for free in aqw, the only way you can get a (battle)pet is by getting necro which you can buy with ac's or get rank 10 doomwood,buy NEO necrosumthin and getting creature shard which is %1 drop from creature creation.

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Does Free Realms harm your computer?

Not at all! Sony is a reputable company, you can trust them, and the majority of the 14 million or so players in the game!

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Is pspiso free?


Free Realms

How do you change your deck on Free Realms?

if by deck you mean house you would go to your free realms house and then you would click on decorate and wola you can decorate

Free Realms

How do you get snowhill explorer gloves on Free Realms?

there is lots of gloves in free realms but i know only one. do this- just do any digging games like lookin for artifacts but the one im tell is this guy with a hat he intends to beat this "sir"guy in sanctuary.

Free Realms

How do you get free movistarplanet redeem codes?

code de l'argent et de vip

Free Realms

Where are Ninja weapon shops on Free realms?

there is shopping cart figure @ the bottom of screen .

Free Realms

How do you get a wolf on Free Realms?

Buy it using station cash, No other way to get it

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Can you pay a membership in free realms with a credit card you put money in?

you can get membership with stashioncash

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What are some free group codes on edmodo?

I know the biggest group at the moment (they're currently still trying to achieve) is jotoMCjoto . There's users active on it 24/7, you never get bored!

This is false (edited by someone else), the code didn't work.


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