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All you have to do is loosen the idler pulley and the belt is a snap after you do that. just tightin bolt after the belt is on. good to go

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โˆ™ 2007-02-19 17:18:27
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Q: How do you get serpentine belt on a 1999 Dodge Intrepid?
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Is the water pump ran off timing belt on a 97 Dodge Intrepid?

3.3L it is serpentine belt driven.

Where is the location of number piston on 2001 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 engine?

Closest to serpentine belt

How do you adjust a serpentine belt on a 1999 Dodge Dakota?

Done automatically by belt tensioner

Where is the water pump on a 1997 Dodge Intrepid?

The 3.3 it runs off of the serpentine belt. The 3.5 it runs off of the timing belt.

Where is the water pump on a 1996 Dodge Intrepid?

3.3L, it is external and driven by the serpentine belt. 3.5L it is internal and driven by the timing belt.

Do you have a diagram of 2000 Dodge Intrepid serpentine belt change?

go to local library they have chilton and haynes repair books

Does Dodge Intrepid 1999 have a timing belt or chain?

2.7L - chain 3.2L and 3.5L - belt

How much does it cost on average at a dealership to replace the timing and serpentine belt on a 1997 Dodge Intrepid in Philadelphia Pa?

about... well cost of a replacing timing belt is about... £88.93

Diagram of 1994 dodge shadow serpentine belt?

what is the diagram of a serpentine belt for a dodge shadow 1994

How do you remove the alternator belt on 2002 Dodge Intrepid?

If it's serpentine, pull on an idler. if not, there will be a bolt through a slot on bracket to allow movement.

Does the 2004 3.5 Dodge Intrepid have a belt or chain?

The 3.5 litre V6 engine in a 2004 Dodge Intrepid has a timing BELT

Is water pump ran by timing chain on 97 Dodge intrepid?

On the 3.5 intrepid engine, the water pump is run by the timing "belt"- no timing chain on this motor. Not sure about the 3.3 motor. On the 3.3L the water pump is driven by the serpentine belt.

Route for serpentine belt on 1994 Dodge Spirit?

serpentine belt routing diagram for 1994 dodge spirit

How do you change serpentine belt on 2006 dodge ram 1500?

I am looking for the diagram for the serpentine belt for a 2006 Dodge Ram quad cab.

Where is the cam sensor located on a 2000 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 engine?

Front driver side of the engine. It goes through the timing cover just above the serpentine belt.

What is the serpentine belt pattern for a 1999 Acura slx?

A serpentine belt pattern, for your 1999 Acura, can be obtained from most auto-parts stores. When you purchase. The serpentine belt. Ask for a diagram.

Replace the serpentine belt on a 2003 Dodge Dakota?

The serpentine belt on a 2003 Dodge Dakota is replaced by loosening the belt tensioner and slipping the belt off. It can then be removed from the engine accessories and a new belt installed.

Location of the Dodge Intrepid water pump?

3.3L - driven by serpentine belt. 3.2L and 3.5L inside the front, driven by timing belt 2.7L inside the engine, driven by timing chain.

Serpentine belt route for a 2007 dodge 3500 diesel?

A 2007 Dodge 3500 diesel engine serpentine belt routing diagram can be obtained from most auto-parts stores. When you purchase the serpentine belt, ask for a routing diagram.

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 2004 dodge ram 2500 turbo cummins diesel?

You can remove the old serpentine belt on your 2004 Dodge Ram by loosening the tensioner pulley. Put the new serpentine belt on and tighten it with the tensioner pulley.

Is there a 1995 Dodge Spirit Serpentine Belt Diagram?

Yes, there is a diagram for a 1995 Dodge Spirit Serpentine Belt Diagram. It is found in the maintenance manual to the car.

Where can you find an illustration showing how to replace a serpentine belt on a 2002 Dodge Intrepid?

checck beside the fan on the inside of the motor compartment. its hard to find sometimes. if you can't ceck your car book for the answer.

How do you route a serpentine belt on a 1999 dodge stratus to bypass the air conditioner compressor?

The serpentine should route the same as with the AC except fro the AC compressor. The belt will go straight past the compressor, so you will need a shorter belt to make the bypass work.

Serpentine or v belt for 99 dodge stratus?

It has 2 serpentine belts.

What tool are needed to change a harmonic balancer on a 1999 dodge ram 2500?

A three jaw puller, a serpentine belt tool, and sockets/wrenches.A three jaw puller, a serpentine belt tool, and sockets/wrenches.