How do you get shards in platinum?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Well, In Pokemon Platinum you are able to find shards in the underground, a place obtainable after you get the underground kit in Eterna City, and sometimes when you are using the Item Finder( Dowsing app) you are able find them hidden in places. Specific Pokemon can hold shards. I would suggest going to for more information. They have a wide variety of information about Pokemon all over the world from video games to episodes to Special Events. Try going there and I hope that my answer was helpful!

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Q: How do you get shards in platinum?
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How many shards are in Pokemon Platinum?

There are four shards in Pokemon Platinum- red, blue, green and yellow. They can all be found in the Underground.

Where to get yellow shards in Pokemon platinum?

You can get them underground.

Blue shards in platinum?

you can find them underground

What colors are all shards in Pokemon platnium?

The color shards you can find in Pokemon Platinum are Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Shards.

Where do you trade in shards for moves in Platinum?

near pastoria

How do you get the TM dive in platinum?

You cannot find it as a hm in platinum but some Pokemon can learn it naturally. You can get from the move tutor on route 212 for 2 red shards, 4 blue shards and 2 yellow shards. HOPE THIS HELPS

What shards do you need to teach Ancientpower to a Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

You need 6 Red Shards and 2 Green Shards in order for the Move Tutor in Pokémon Platinum to teach Ancientpower to 1 of your Pokémon.

Where do you find shards in Pokemon platinum?

Mining and digging Underground.

What is the action replay code to have 99 shards in platinum?


Where can you find blue shards in platinum?

you can go underground if you have the mining kit and search there and you'll find all kinds of shards.

What are shards for In Pokemon platinum?

shards can be used to trade with other people. in return, they may teach your Pokemon moves. there are 3 move tutors in Pokemon platinum that will teach your Pokemon moves in exchange for shards in a specific color.

How do you get fire punch in platinum?

There is a move tutor west of pastoria city who will teach it to one of your Pokemon for 6 blue shards and 2 red shards ;)