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How do you get shiny rayquaza?

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when you get to rayquaza for the second time save and batle if rayquaza has blackskin he is a shiney so not since you have saved turn the gameconsole of and back on and try again the same goes for groudon and kyogre

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How can you get a black Rayquaza in sapphire?

a black rayquaza means that it is shiny. it is very rare but if you're lucky when you challange rayquaza, it will be shiny

Can you put a ditto in day-care and shiny Rayquaza to make a shiny Rayquaza egg?


How do you catch dark Rayquaza?

Dark rayquaza is actually the shiny color for rayquaza so basically you need to constantly fight rayquaza until its a shiny rayquaza and its color is black its pretty gnarly.

What is the black Rayquaza?

the black rayquaza is basically the shiny version of Rayquaza which is usually what you'll get. But if you get a shiny Ryquaza (black) that's pretty lucky.

How do you get shiny Rayquaza in emerald?

go to the last floor of sky pillar(you need a mach bike).save it and fight raquaza.if rayquaza don't shiny,reset your game until you get rayquaza shiny.

Pokemon emerald how to get a black raquaza?

A black Rayquaza is a shiny so you'll have to be very lucky for the Rayquaza you find to be shiny.

How can you make your Rayquaza shiny in sapphire?

go to the Pokemon shop on mauvile then you can buy shiny cartainer buy it then give it to rayquaza

How do you get a shiny rayquaza in soulsilver?


Will anyone trade me a shiny Rayquaza I'll trade almost anything I have?

I do have rayquaza but not shiny though i do have 32 legends up for trade exept for my darkrai which has awsome combo moves and i want sumore pleasetrade from darkraiman i will trade you a shiny rayquaza if u give me a different shiny Pokemon

How do you get cheat dark Rayquaza?

It possible. Save before battling Rayquaza, then battle. if it isn't shiny[black] turn off the game. keep doing this until you find a shiny rayquaza[it is black]

When do you get Rayquaza in Pokemon emerald?

You get RAYQUAZA at the top of SKY PILLAR after seeing GROUDON, KYORGE and RAYQUAZA in SOOTOPILIS CITY. RAYQUAZA is LV.70 so be prepared! RAYQUAZA knows these techniques: EXTREMESPEED REST FLY DRAGON CLAW. The ratio of it being shiny is 25%. The only difference between SHINY & NON-SHINY is that the SHINY one is BLACK, not the regular GREEN. The best ball to use on RAYQUAZA is either an ULTRA-BALL (Or if you are lazy and not bothered a MASTER-BALL!)

Pokemon dimined is there cheat for shiny Rayquaza?

no srry... i found my shiny requaza

Where do you find shiny Rayquaza?

Sky pillar.

Want to trade shiny Pokemon?

Looking to trade for a shiny giratina, i have a shiny lugia, shiny suicune, 2 shiny rayquaza, and more.

Who is the best pokemon on HeartGold?

shiny rayquaza with wondergurad

What color is a shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon?

It's black.

How can you find a shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon diamond?

you can't

How do you get shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon sapphire whithout using gameshark?

Save right before you battle it and then battle it. If it isn't shiny, then turn off the game without saving and try again until you get a shiny Rayquaza

How do you catch shiny Rayquaza in emerald?

you know how to catch a rayquaza at sky pillar then you have to try atleast 8,192 times because the chance of getting a shiny is 1 out of 8,192

How do you get a shiny Rayquaza emerald?

Finding a shiny Legendary takes a legendary amount of determination and patience. You save in front of Rayquaza and battle him repeatedly (by repeatedly, we mean hundreds, maybe even thousands of times) until he's shiny. I do not recommend putting the required amount of time (weeks) and effort (too much) into getting a shiny Rayquaza.

How do you catch a shiny Rayquaza in ruby?

keep on soft resetting your game until it is shiny or cheat

An action replay code for Pokemon diamond for a legit shiny Rayquaza caught at lvl 70?

It is possible to use an Action Replay code to get a shiny Rayquaza that appears to have been caught at lvl 70. This Rayquaza would not be considered legit.

How do you catch shiny Rayquaza?

save and repat versing until you get him

How do you get a shiny Rayquaza on Pokemon Sapphire?

easy its called gameshark

How do you get a shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon indigo?

get it by trade or look in rooms