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How do you get shorter in height?

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The advice given below to stop eating anything with calcium is

very unhealthy advice. Your teeth and bones need calcium to be

healthy. You can develop a calcium deficiency and lose all your

teeth and start getting broken bones frequently if you stop eating

foods containing calcium. Calcium is also very important to help

your heart to contract. If you quit eating any calcium you may have

a heart attack, even if you are a child. It is MUCH safer to just

accept your height.

1. stop drinking or eating anything with CALCIUM

2. lift weights above the head and do squats and other exersises

on a daily basis

3. Do not eat fast food, red meat, or anything that is

genetically modified ... eat more fish and seafood

4. drink A LOT of soda and drinks with caffiene, ( drink tons of

Nestea, Diet coke, tea, coffee, energy drinks

5. exerise A LOT and play various sports

6. still stand up straight or you will devolop a hunch in your

back like me :(

7. Use bean bag weights (iunno what its called) with a strap

attached to your ankles, walk around and exerise in them,, try

treadmillin' with them on,, but don't let them fall off !

I'm 6 feet tall. i have shrunk 4 inches. i skinny though. hate

it. every1 in the family is 5'4 on average. i feel like a giant...

i have grown 12 inches since grade 8, i am now in grade 11, age :

17... both my parents are short. my mom 4'9 and my dad is 5'6. i

feel that the reason for my height is drinking too much milk, and

eating too much fast food and red meat. If you stay off this at a

younger age than 17 and you know that you dont want to be as tall

as me, than follow these 7 rules... they really work but make sure

that you keep your posture....

Yea um i wanted too know how long do you have to do this for and

how much weight do you need to use to do squats and other weight

lifting exercises?

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