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How do you get skarmory in Pokemon Gold?

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you cant you have to trade from silver or crystal where you find it just south of black thorne city

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What is Skarmory's password in Pokemon Rumble?

There is no password for Skarmory in Pokemon Rumble because Skarmory isn't in Pokemon Rumble. Pokemon Rumble only has Pokemon from the 1st generation (Red/Green/Blue) and the 4th generation (Pearl/Diamond/Platinum). Skarmory is a 2nd generation (Gold/Sliver/Crystal) Pokemon.

How do you get skarmory?

You can catch them south of Blackthorn city in Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold.Skarmory is found in Sevault Canyon on Seven Island.

What type of Pokemon is Skarmory?

Skarmory is a Steel and Flying type pokemon.

What evolves into skarmory?

No Pokemon evolves into skarmory.

Where can you find skarmory in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can only find Skarmory in the Pokemon SoulSilver version.

How do you catch skarmory in Pokemon ruby?

Skarmory is a rare pokemon found on Route 113.

Is skarmory a legendary Pokemon on Pokemon deluge?

No, Skarmory is not a Legendary Pokémon.

How do you get skarmory in pokemon SoulSilver?

Skarmory can be caught at route 45

When does skarmory evolve in Pokemon white?

Skarmory does not evolve in this game.

Pokemon shadows of alima where to get skarmory?

You can get skarmory in the croama lowlands or highlands

Is skarmory a legendary Pokemon?


What evolves into a skarmory in Pokemon Emerald?

Skarmory does not evolve and is not known to have evolved from anything.

Where can you find skarmory in Pokemon FireRed?

Skarmory is a slightly rare pokemon it occasionally appears on Seven Island at Sevault Canyon.

How do you get Skarmory in Pokemon Red Rescue Team?

You can only recruit Skarmory in Wish Cave.

How do you capture Skarmory on Pokemon Silver?

skarmory can be found on route45 or 44 idk which but skarmory has no physical attack weaknesses and few special attack weaknesses

Does skarmory evolve in Pokemon pearl?

No, it doesn't.

What dragon types are in Pokemon Silver?

There is skarmory

Where to get skarmory in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Route 45

What is the national pokedex number for Skarmory?

Skarmory is #227 in the national pokedex, and it is a Steel-Flying type Pokemon.

What Pokemon used defog in the movie Pokemon rise of darkria?


What moves does skarmory learn?

In Pokemon, Skarmory learns metal sound, leer, agility, and peck. Other moves that Skarmory learns include steel wing, and spikes.

What Pokemon does marriland have?

His Pokemon are a gengar,skarmory,tyranitar,blissy,salamance,and garchomp

Is skarmony a legendary Pokemon?

skarmory is no legendary pokemon. it can breed and you can find it in the wild.

How do you obtain skarmory in Pokemon Diamond?

Skarmory is found on the path leading up to Stark Mountain. This is a hard catch, so pack some powerful balls and good pokemon.

Can you get skarmory in Pokemon HeartGold?

No, it is only in Pokemon SoulSilver. Therefore; you'll need to trade for it.