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Kinda hard at the beginning, you can change the sliders, the user baserunning speed is a 40 and everything else is 50, so i just put it up to 50 and now a can steal base and put some runs.

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Q: How do you get skill points in nba 2k12 your player mode?
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Does nba 2k12 have your player mode?

Yes! On xbox360 and ps3.

How can you tell what skill points you have achieved in challenge mode In ratchet and clank tools of destruction?

Go to the Start menu, Extras, and Skill Points. You're actually able to check your skill points even in regular mode.

What position is better on nba 2k12 on your player mode?

The one you feel you will do the best in Good Luck :)

How do you improve my player rating on nba 2k12?

In myplayer mode just spend skill points on shot inside, close, medium, and 3 pointer. I suggest putting up you shot medium. You can also do the shooting drill to improve.

How do you make every shot in nba 2k12 my player mode?

a step back jumper is the key to winning

NBA2K11 - why can't I max out steal in the skill points section in the my player mode... I can only get it to 95 and then it turns red?

When it goes red it means that skill can't go any higher, it's already at its max.

When is all-star weekend on nba 2k12 your player mode?

In order to play All Star Weekend on NBA 2K12, you would have needed to pre-order the game. If you did not pre-order, you can download a file to allow you to play.

Can you Get endorsements in creating a legend mode NBA 2k12?


How can you skip the minor leagues in mlb 2k12 your player mode?

You cant skip the minor leagues you must earn your way up to the majors

Does nba 2k12 have player mode for ps2?

I heard it did but I went out n got it n I haven't found it so pretty sure it dont SALT

Does Major League Baseball 2k10 have a story mode?

Yes, it is called My Player; in which you create a player and play him throughout his career, from Double-A all the way to the Hall of Fame. Improve your player with Skill Points, and become a starter by doing well in clutch situations.

Will crew mode be a dlc in 2k12?

Its already installed. Your just not looking hard enough.