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How do you get spirotomb in Pokemon?


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How to Get Spiritomb

You need to have a friend who also has Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. And you have to use DS Wireless Connection, not Nintendo WiFi, so you have to be within range of your friend in order to do this. Okay, first, you need to get an Odd Keystone. These can be found in the Sinnoh Underground (they're rare, so watch out) or you can get one from either a Black Belt who's standing at the end of Route 208 near Hearthome City or from the edge of the small pond in Twinleaf Town using the Dowsing Machine Poketch App (you'll need to Surf to get the one in Twinleaf Town). Then take your Odd Keystone to the Spirit Tower Ruins just south of the Pokemon cemetery on Route 209. The game will ask you if you want to place the Odd Keystone on the Tower. Hit Yes and go Underground. You need to talk to 32 different people Underground OR talk to the same person 32 times by entering and reentering your friend's Secret Base and talking to your friend over and over again till you hit 32 (the Hikers selling items do not count). Once you've done that, return to the Spirit Tower Ruins and you will battle a Level 25 Spiritomb. Good luck!