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How do you get star shot candle in Free Realms?


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I think you get it from the birthday party from a free realms admin

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You need the star shot candle, not a sparkler. The star shot candle was available in the coin shop for a little while, I'm not sure if it stayed.

I dont know where to get those black spore gloves i search for those robogoblin junk piles but i cant find any I might as well give up!

The commercial may say you can rock out, but there is no way for you to be a rock star on Free Realms. The closest you can get is a clothing set from the TCG called rocker set. But it is very hard to get the full set.

Ok Here we go 1. Go to Free Realms 2. Sign in with your Clone Wars adventure account 3. Accept Terms And conditions 4. Play Free Realms (for 2 seconds lol) 5. Vwala You get 250 station cash True cheat. :D

You use the star things and throw it at the flame on the candle

The long blue thing? if you are talking about that then that is the star shot candle non and members can get it on the forth of July "summer bash " Go find teaspoon pixie then she will ask to you defeat crays if your non member then you can fight greakl the robgoblin behind diggys place . If you talk about the one that is mini that has mini sparkle dots is the optinal wand or something like that was the 5m Party wheal which past. Hope this helps

You can if you follow this steps 1. GO to Free Realms (made by sony again) 2. logg in with your account 3. acccept terms 4. play Free realms (for like only 2 secs hehe) 5. Bvawalla you get 250 station cash :D hope this helped

All you do is click the icon in the lower left.Then you pick the star thing.Then you go up in the tree and throw the star at the bag.Than you go a little back were bansho is and throw the star at the candle.

your oil light. and it is you tell light looks like a u with a ! in the middle of it

It's called the "Star Shot"

Currently, there is no way to get into the soccer field, unless someone found a glitch to do so. However, FreeRealms has annouced that there will soon be a Soccer Star job, so you can enter the field and play soccer.

There isn't one. The holidays are entirely different. The closest you could come is a candle, but a single candle does not represent Hanukkah. You can't use a star either, because a star has nothing to do with Hanukkah.

Shot Put. Tomasz Majewski is their star shot putter.

Phantasy Star Online on Gamecube is not free, but on PC its free PC version is Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst.

there's no free star,, you have to pay for it and i know that sucks -.-

Yes, there are games like Movie Star Planet such as: Club Penguin ToonTown and Fantage I don't know if the following games are safe but you might want to try them: Tinker Bell the Game Wizard 101 and Free Realms. Enjoy these games!

You can not get free Star Coins, not that I know of at least. If you are Star Rider or Lifetime Rider you get one hundred Star Coins every Saturday.

Fire Sun Fireflies Candle Oil Lamp Star

You could get rock star clothes from TCG Booster Packs. The Rocker Pants, however you get from Physical Booster Packs and I'm not quite sure if they still sell them. But there's an air-guitar emote in the emotes place. You could just type in /airguitar in the chat box.

No Partition Star is not free of charge it costs $29 at a minimum

You Cannot Get Free Membership.You Must Pay

You use the throwing star and press space bar to throw it.

You throw a star at the candle. Aim it well or it won't go out. P.S u don't really need to put out candles. But it's best if you do.

The hardest official shot in the NHL was registered by Zdeno Chara at the recent all-star skills competition when he had a shot of 105.4 MPH.

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