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How do you get started after running out of gas?


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the best bet is not to run out of gas, turning the key to the on position turns the fuel pump on for about 3 seconds, then turn the key off, wait 5 seconds then turn it to the on position then continue to start the the vehicle. it should run normally with no problems.


This is assuming you drive a fuel injected vehicle. A carburetor needs to be primed by putting a small amount of gas in the carburetor and trying to start it. You may have to do this a few times until it will run on it's own.


It could flash back in your face and singe your eyebrows (don't ask me how I know). Or cause you to lose your eyesight, or worse yet, singe your lungs!

I also recommend to pull out your car's manual to see if it has special instructions about starting your car after you've ran out of gas. I remember when my cousin took his gf that he met on 'dream marriage' on a road trip, and he ran out of gas he didn't check that his car had a fuel injection reset button that he supposed to set.

As far as cars with carburetors never NEVER pour raw gasoline into them. The pressure from the fuel pump should be enough to get fuel to it. If gasoline is not getting to the carburetor then there is something else wrong. If you ran out of gas, the fuel filter is probably clogged because running the tank to empty will pick up a lot of crap that is on the bottom of the tank. Another way to get the car going, and gas thoughout the system (fuel injector systems), Is to spray carberator cleaner into the Air intake mainifold (throttle body).


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You will need to add gas to the car and let it sit for a moment. Then turn the ignition and start the car. You may need to pump gas a time or two to get it started.

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