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The armor, Wygar, offers Strikeback to Fighters and Gladiators.

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Q: How do you get strikeback in ff tactics advance?
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When did Final Fantasy Tactics Advance happen?

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance happened in 2003.

When was Final Fantasy Tactics Advance created?

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was created on 2003-02-14.

How do you get new jobs in FF tactics advance?

You have to master a certain amount of A-abilities from weapons. For example, mastering 2 Soldier A-Abilities unlocks Fighter and Paladin. There is a full list available in the related link below.

In ff tactics psp where do you find a gun?

Guns will be for sale when you reach Goug.

What are the month names in final fantasy tactics advance?

The month names in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are Kingmoon, Madmoon, Sagemoon, Huntmoon, and Bardmoon.

What are the ratings and certificates for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - 2003 VG?

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - 2003 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:E

What are the requirements for a fighter in FF Tactics A2?

After completing the "To Be a Fighter" quest, master 3 Soldier A-Abilities.

In Final Fantasy tactics how do how do you become a samurai?

there are 2 ff tactics, 1 for ps1, and 1 for GBA, gba doesnt have one, dont know about ps1 though

How do you get A Abilities on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance?

you cant no mre

When will final fantasy tactics advance 2 come out?


How do you get mont blanc on final fantasy tactics advance 2?

lol you can't.

How do you get counter in Final Fantasy tactics advance?

A thief can get it using Brigidine armor.