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you get it in the frieza saga before goku turns ssj


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their are 4 super sayain in dragon ball z super sayain 2 in dargon ball z super sayain 3 in dragon ball z super sayain 4 in dragon ball gt

In dbz budokai tenkaichi 1 you have to unlock the super sayain character in z battle gate then you can go on a fighting mode like world tournament or duel and press down on whoever you unlocked the super sayain for

no she was quarter sayain but she had the heart of a sayain

no all super sayain forms go up to 3, if they can go to super sayain 3(Goku, vegeta,broly,ext.)

Yes,a girl can be a super sayain .

no, hes a sayian. Hes only super sayain unless he turns super sayain, but normally hes not super sayain

No it is actually made up from people drawing them out for future purposes. They do look pretty good from what i have seen check them out on youtube. Imporoved Answer Well, yes there is such thing as super sayain 5. It is when Goku and Vegeta fuse as super sayain 4 and into super sayain 5, Gogeta. It was mentioned by Bulma in Dragon Ball GT. Many people didn't notice it.

No, she never does. Source: Dragon Ball Wiki

Super Saiyan 3 in D.B.Z,and Super saiyan 4 in GT

the dragon ball gt saga when he fights baby vegeta

complete the saga of the 'wrath of the dragon'

No he is not goten is the youngest super sayain cause he became a super sayain at 7 years old.Gohan is third youngest super sayain.Here is the order of the their youngest super sayains. First youngest is Goten Present day Turnks Gohan

super sayin 4 is the highest you can go

When you get enough numbers on your bar thing, for ps2, press R3 to transform.

of coarse there is who is the stupid person who ask that question it most be an idiot who dont watch dragon ball z

no because super saiyan 3 is stronger than super saiyan 2.

you have to choose it as it difffer frm other buu

not in the original dragon ballz but im sure there or sum fans that created it and u can make it 2

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