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How do you get tan?

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2010-05-25 22:32:22

There are many ways that you can get tan. One of the most

popular is the sun. It is free, and it is nice to bask in the sun.

The sun may be free, but too much exposure can cause skin cancer

and will be costly to you later on.

A different way to get tan is to go to a store and buy a tanning

lotion. Results are between instant, or may take up to a week to

have a nice tan. This is also inexpensive, and it will not cost you

your skin in the future. Some may even be "firming".

The most expensive way to get an instant tan is through a salon.

The results are very nice and they have techniques to make your

stomach seem leaner, your butt firmer, and your thighs thinner. The

cost usually is about 80-100 dollars. It may cost more in some

places. Make sure to research!

what makes you tan is melon that works hard in your skin and

gets a darker color.

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