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How do you get tan?

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There are many ways that you can get tan. One of the most popular is the sun. It is free, and it is nice to bask in the sun. The sun may be free, but too much exposure can cause skin cancer and will be costly to you later on.

A different way to get tan is to go to a store and buy a tanning lotion. Results are between instant, or may take up to a week to have a nice tan. This is also inexpensive, and it will not cost you your skin in the future. Some may even be "firming".

The most expensive way to get an instant tan is through a salon. The results are very nice and they have techniques to make your stomach seem leaner, your butt firmer, and your thighs thinner. The cost usually is about 80-100 dollars. It may cost more in some places. Make sure to research!

what makes you tan is melon that works hard in your skin and gets a darker color.

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What is insta-tan?

It is a lotion to get a quick tan.

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Depends on where you go to get a tan, and the quality of the tan.

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I dont know tan tan brown and white mixed together Tan is sand coloured.

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How do you preserve buck skin?

You tan it. There are many methods. Search brain tan, chrome tan, taxidermy tan etc.

Can a chlorine pool fade your tan?

Spray-on tan, yes. A real tan, no.

Can you tan if you are pregnant?

Can I tan if I am pregnant?

Do your nipples get tan when you tan?


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How do you keep a tan?

Moisturize and continue to tan at least once a week to maintain your tan

Best fake tan?

XEN TAN is by far the best fake tan out there. trust me.

How old do you have to be to tan at the ultimate tan?

16 or 18 or if you go with your parents they will let you tan.

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How can you get a quick tan?

A spray of mystic tan is the quickest and safest way to quickly get a tan.