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You can't once you apply the process the only way to get it out is by cuttin it off

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Does texturizer damage your hair?

does texturizer damage your hair?

How long will a texturizer last in your hair?

How long will a hair Texturizer last

If you have very straight hair will a texturizer make your hair curly?

yes a texturizer will certainly make your hair curly hey i have a question if a use a relaxer and a texturizer will my hair get breakage and fall out

Can you get dreads with after a texturizer?

No, a texturizer loosens curl/ nappy hair.

Does hair texturizer burn?

no it does not burn your hair. hair texturizer is more easier for people who want to be natural instead of having hair chemically treated with hair relaxer.

What does a texturizer do is it the same as a perm or relaxer?

A texturizer gives your hair volume and creates a piecey look.

Can you use a texturizer on thin hair?


What will a texturizer do to your short straight hair?

Curl it.

What does hair texturizer do?

It loosens the curl pattern of naturally curly hair.

How do you change the natural texture of your hair?

You use a texturizer.

Can you use s curl texturizer in long hair?


Will your hair mess up if you go swimming with a texturizer?

Probably. The water (and the chemicals contained within it for that matter) will wash the texturizer out of your hair, ruining whatever style you were rocking.

Can you you use Texturizer on washed hair?

It's best to do it on "3 day" hair.

How tall does your hair have to be to get a texturizer?

if it's natural hair it will have to be around 1-2 inches

Can you put a texturizer in your hair when you have a perm?

Yes, but don't. It's likely your hair will literally burn & fall out.

Does texturizer take out your hair?

If you don't know what you're doing or if you don't take care of your hair after, yes.

Does texturizer damage hair?

Yes. It is a chemical, even the no-lye or sensitive formulas.

Is there a natural hair texturizer?

No. All texturizes, no matter what they say, contain chemicals.

How can you get your hair straighten with a texturizer in it?

Just straighten it. You can still use a flat iron.

Can texturizer make hair fall out?

If you don't know what you're doing, yes.

Can you put a texturizer in dyed hair?

Only if u give a bj

Can you get a texturizer while you have a relaxer in your hair?

No. You will damage ir more than it already is.

Will you lose your hair if you use texturizer?

If you don't know what you're doing, yes.

What does a texturizer do for people who have mixed hair?

There is no such thing as "mixed hair," but to answer your question, it loosens the curl/wave pattern & makes the hair easier to manage.

Can you perm hair after putting a texturizer in the hair 2 months ago?

i would say no because that is alot of checminals on your head and that can damage your hair.