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How do you get the Aurora pass in Pokemon LeafGreen and firered?


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to get the aurora pass i think you need to get it through a mystery gift, or if you use an action replay then you can get it from that by cheating.. hope that helps!!!

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how do i get the aurora pass without wireless link

Yes, but you must have the Aurora pass to get to it on the 9th island. Aurora pass can only be obtained from a live event.

I think you can only pass Pokemon from Emerald to Diamond/Pearl

simply put: no deoxys is only obtainable in the Firered or Leafgreen but only with a certain ferry pass

You can't get the Aura pass in Pokemon Fire and leafgreen, but if you beat the Elite Four 12 times Mew appears where you catch Mewtwo.

It is not possible to obtain the rainbow pass in Pokémon Emerald. It is only available in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

You'll need an Aurora Pass. Go to the Poke Mart and there will be a clipboard. Put "Link together with all" on the clipboard and talk to the guy in Green at the Pokemon center.

The tri pass is given by bill, the rainbow pass is given by celio, the mystic ticket and aurora ticket are both unavailable unless you cheat.

go to youtube and put Pokemon leafgreen victory rode < >

You cannot get all the Pokemon that are in the Pokedex by just using Leafgreen. Instead, you need to trade Pokemon with Firered, Ruby, and Sapphire versions. Also, If you truly want all of them, you need to attend a Nintendo event so you can get a special pass to extra islands in the game.

That's only available on FireRed and LeafGreen. It allows the player to access the Sevii Islands, and I have no idea what's at the Sevii Islands.

The first part of Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed (before succsessfully defeating the Elite Four) you can the first 150 Pokemon. (Mew and Togepi are not included). The difference between the two, though, is in Leafgreen, you can get different Pokemon (like Sandshrew) and in FireRed you can only get certain Pokemon (like Growlithe). So, if you want all the Pokemon, you needd to train with a friend that has the opposite pair. The second part of the game, (after obtaining the National Dex) you can catch Johto Pokemon as well as Deoxys. Deoxys is actually hard to get though. You have to enter the code "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" on the Questionare at any Pokemon Mart. Now, when you open up the game, on the bottom it says "Mystery Gift". You need wireless connection to obtain the gift which is the "Aurora Pass". When you go to the Harbor in Vermillion City, you can then use the Aurora Pass to go to the island where Deoxys was born. I also heard you can catch Ho-oh and Lugia at Navel Rock but I've never tried so im not certain. Other then that, you can pretty much catch all the other the other Legendary Pokemon like the Legendary Birds and especially Mewtwo.

The rainbow pass is a key item in Pokemon FireRed version. To trigger the events to get it, you first need to own 60 different Pokemon.

You need to go to a pokemon event to get navel or aurora pass.

you have to get a rainbow pass

I think you have to get it in an Nintendo event

You get the national dex and the rainbow pass after getting the ruby!

for lugia and deoxys it is called the mystic pass to be axact

you have to have the rainbow pass. you take the ferry

To get the tri pass on Pokemon LeafGreen, defeat Blaine in Cinnabar Island after coming out of the gym. Then visit One Island with Bill and finally, defeat the bikers at Three Island.

To get Moltres in Leafgreen, get a tri-pass or rainbow-pass and go to one island. Then go to Mount Ember, and get to the end. There you will find Moltres.

have at least 60 Pokemon in your'e pokedex , then , you talk to oak and he'll give you the sevi pass .

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