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You'll just need to trade for them, or transfer them into the Pal Park from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

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Can you get hoen starters in Pokemon platinum?

They at not found in the wild they will need to be transferred from a hoenn game

What are all the starters on Pokemon in Hoenn?

all the starters on Pokemon emerald [in hoenn] are treecko,torchic and mudkip

How do you get the Kanto Jhoto and hoenn starters in Pokemon platinum?

Kanto/Hoenn-migration. Also for Johto but you must migrate from Emerald, after beating the league in Emerald, you go to the Safari Zone and there'll be a new area. In the new area you can find Johto Pokemon including the starters (the starters are EXTREMELY rare to find though.)

How do you get Hoenn in Pokemon Platinum?

Hoenn in Pokemon Platinum does not exist. I believe games in the future should have 2 or 3 regions in it. Pokemon Platinum only has the Sinnoh Region.

Pokemon starters for Hoenn?

torchic treecko mudkip

What are the Pokemon Hoenn starters?

Torchic, Treecko, Mudkip

How do you get hoenn starters on Pokemon SoulSilver?

In order to get Hoenn Starters, you have to have defeated Red at Mt. Silver. Then, go to Silph Co. in Saffron City. Once there, talk to Steven, the Hoenn Champion. Choose one of the colored stones to match up to the type of the Hoenn Starter pokemon.

How do you go to hoenn in Pokemon HeartGold?

Unfortunately, you can't. All you see of Hoenn is a cameo (Steven Stone), as well as Hoenn legendaries/starters.

Can you get hoenn Pokémon in Pokémon platinium?

You can get Hoenn Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum by either trading, special gifts, or swarms.

How do you get the Hoenn Starters in HeartGold?

Maybe if you beat the game and find a guy i think in a Pokemon center or some special shop or a company he will give you one of the Hoenn starters

Pokemon platinum how to get torch?

You mean torchic and you half to migrate from hoenn or travel to hoenn.

How do you get Pokemon gold starters in Pokemon emerald?

you have to complete the hoenn pokedex and then i think you get to chose 1

How do you go to Hoenn on Pokemon platinum?

You cannot visit other regions on Platinum!

How do you get the johto starters in pokemon LeafGreen?

You can get one of the three Johto starters by completing the Hoenn Pokedex and then choosing one of them

Can you go to Kanto Johto and Hoenn in Pokemon Platinum?

No you can not. You can only stay in Shinno in Platinum. On Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver you can go to Kanto but not Hoenn and Shinno.

Can you get starters from Hoenn Kanto or Johto in Pokemon pearl?

not originally, but if you migrate them then yes.

How do you get to the Hoenn region in Pokemon hg ss?

you cant but you can get the starters from this massive building

Are there new starters in Pokemon platinum?

No. The starters are still : piplup, chimchar and turtwig.

How do you get platinum version Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

I am sorry to say this but, you cant catch any of the Pokemon in platinum in ruby unless it is a hoenn Pokemon.

Where is mossdeep city in Pokemon platinum?

Mossdeep is in Hoenn not Sinnoh

Where is the Hoenn region in Pokemon platinum?

I don't thick so but it would be cool hoenn is the best region

How do you get the Hoenn starters in Pokemon Heart Gold?

After defeating all 16 gym leaders, Steven Stone, the Champion of the Hoenn League, will give you one of the Hoenn starters depending on which stone you picked.or by hacking if you need it before you do all that stuff

How do you get johto starters in Pokemon ruby?

complete the hoenn pokedex and it will be given by prof birch

What Pokemon do you get from steven in HeartGold?

One of the three Hoenn Starters. Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip.

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