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On the PC you have to have two teen sims who have a good relationship and are in love.Click on one of them and go propose go steady.It doesnt always work the first time.

AnswerYou need two teen sims (doesn't matter about gender), get their lifetime relationship to about 60, and their daily to 100. The sims must have a crush (pink hearts) on each other. Then click Propose ---> Go Steady. With luck it will be accepted and your sim will receive a memory and the going steady symbol in the relationship panel Answerwhen wanting to go steady remember that you have to be a teenager. make sure that both the sims are in love because if one isn't in love enough it will reject.

Is this for the first or Second Sims?

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Q: How do you get the Sims to go steady?
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Can adult sims go steady?

No adult Sims CANNOT go steady, they can propose though.

How do you get Sims on Sims 3 to go steady?

keep using romantic interactions and when your sims are "Extremely irresistible" the option "propose going steady" will appear.

How do you go steady on SIMS 3?

Keep flirting the the sim and eventually in the romantic interactions the go steady should be there

Can teens on The Sims get married?

No. THey only have the option to "Go Steady" :)

Can young adults go steady on Sims 3?


Can you get married on sims 3 ds?

two sims must have a cetain amount of freindship. then get one of the sims to go to the other and ask to go steady, then propose to them.

Can you get a boyfriend or girlfriend in My Sims?

Yeah. They have to go on dates and then have their "first kiss" with eachother. Then one of the sims has to ask the other sim to "go steady".

How do you stop the going steady on Sims 2?

When you click on either of the Sims who are going steady there is an option to break up, just click that.

How do you get a girlfriend if you are a teen on The Sims 3?

When you have a high enough relationship with a girl you can confess attraction and then ask to go steady.

How do you get a boyfriend in the Sims 3 app?

They have to go on dates and then have their "first kiss" with eachother. Then one of the sims has to ask the other sim to "go steady". If they dont spend more time with each other and then ask them to go stedy!!!!!!!!!!!!! its soooo sweet!

How do you get your sims marreied on sims3?

Suggest going steady and propose.

How do you get a single boyfriend on the sims?

He has to make his relationship with the other sim go downhill untill break up appears, even going steady this can happen!

In sims 2 how do you get married?

You need to have a 09--100 relationship first the click on your chosen Sim and press marriage it will either say go steady or engagement,

What is ready steady go in french?

ready steady go = prêt stable aller

How do you get married as a teenager on sims 2?

You can't get married as a either have to use the "boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true" cheat and have them become an adult and then get married or make the two "go steady."

Where to download The Sims from?

look up sims, sims 2 or sims 3 and go to the first thing you can click. then go to "buy' or "download"

How do you get sims in Sims 3 to get married?

you have to make the sims like kiss and stuff until the box at the top says 'so and so finds bla bla extremely irresistable' and then do romantic, propose go steady, then do this again and say 'propose marraige' and then again and click 'get married' hope this helps, Em :)

Can Sims go on vacation in The Sims 3 Pets?

No. You must have The Sims 3 World Adventures installed in your computers in order for your Sims to go on vacation.

Does Justin Russo on wizards of Waverly place ask Juliet go steady or go study?

He Asked Her To Go Steady Which Basically Means Date/Go out with him

What is steady dating?

Steady dating is when you have an "offical" boyfriend or girlfriend. If you go on dates with someone, that is different because you go on dates with different people, but if you are dating someone constantly, it becomes steady, or non changing, so you are steady dating.

How do you marry someone on sims 3?

Click on the sim you want to get married to then flirt, then hug, and flirt, and blah blah blah. After the friendship meter is full, then you can ask to go steady. After that, you can propose for marriage.

How do you get your sim to propose to another sim?

First you have to make the Sims become boyfriend and girlfriend by clicking the tab: go steady or something like that and if the mood is right you should have the option to propose marriage. :)

How do you get a boyfriend in the Sims 3?

Talk to the person until you become friends (sometimes it takes being best friends-especially if they are already with someone) then use romantic options until you can "Go Steady"

Is there any underwater camera in the sims 2?

No because you can't go underwater on the sims. No because you can't go underwater on the sims.

Where do your sims go when you move them out?

When your sims move out they go to the family bar in the neighborhood screen