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The Sinnoh Starter Pokemon are not available through normal game play. You must trade the Pokemon from another game.

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you can't go to sinnoh in Pokemon soul silver.

As far as I know, the Sinnoh region is not included in Soul Silver.

you start out in sinnoh -_- you start out in Johto... And no you cant go to sinnoh but you can get the Pokemon by playing sinnoh tunes ;D

No you cannot get a Sinnoh starter in Pokemon heart gold. For starter Pokemon in this game, you can choose chicorita, cyndaquil, and totodile. But if you desperately want to get sinnoh starters, you're gonna have to trade from the older versions platinum, diamond and pearl. Or if you wanna get technical about it, you should use action replay. Hope this helps!!

You can not battle Sinnoh Gym Leaders in Pokemon Soulsilver.

you cant get to the sinnoh region in Pokemon hart gold or soul silver but you can get the starter Pokemon at slip co (i think its called) once you done all gyms and defeated red (the Pokemon with emerald version).

You can not. It is impossible for Heartgold and Soulsilver.

You can't. It's only in the Sinnoh region.

you must trade with a freind that has a starter pokemon that you dont have.

on the radio after the national pokedex dj ben plays sinnoh music on some days it lures sinnoh Pokemon like shinx

Goldenrod City in sinnoh and Lavender town in kanto

You can't but you can get the starter pokemon.

you cant its a starter Pokemon

In one of the caves in the lakes in the Sinnoh region.

go to sinnoh and die hope this works~

trade with someone That appears to be true. Professor Elm will give you 1 Johto Starter Steven will give you 1 Hoenn Starter, and Professor Oak will give you 1 Kanto Starter I have not heard anything about a Sinnoh Starter.

i think banette cant be caught on pokemon soul silver, im pretty sure its a hoenn and sinnoh pokemon.

You have to have arceus to get to sinnoh but only once

I personally think its totodile.

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