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They were monthly gifts around the time that oceans first came out. The only way you'll be able to get one now is from trading, which isn't to hard to do after you've found someone who has one.

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Q: How do you get the anemone head bow on animal jam?
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How do you get rare bow and arrow on animal jam?

you can not get the bow and arrow in animal jam unless you trade for it

What is the rarest color bow on animal jam?

i think it is a rare black bow

Who has the most bow and arrows on animal jam?

i dont no

What is a good trade for a rare bow in animal jam?

A beta,2 rares,2 bows,head feather,fox hat,

Which bow and arrow is the most rare on animal jam?

the rare raspberry bow and arrow

What is the code to get a rare bow and arrow on animal jam?

There does not seem to be a code listed to get the rare bow and arrow on Animal Jam. This item is considered to be a trade item only. Some rare bow and arrow combinations can be purchased.

Where can you find bow and arrow in animal jam?

What I have heard is to wait for November for the bow and arrow headdress.

What was the fourth monthly member gift on animal jam?

bow andarrow

What is the code on animal jam for a bow and arrow?

no code just gift :-/

Where do you buy machines in animal jam?

you can get a arcade machine in sol arcade give me a rare bow and arrow,search me in animal jam my username is supwert

What is the code to get bow an arrows on animal jam?

There is no official code for bow and arrows, but hacking it into your game is another possible way too, but I don't recommend it. Jam on! -lolarocks124

What is the code for bow and arrow on animal jam?

this is the code for phantom cage I really want a bow thou :( PESKYPHANTOMS