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I assume you mean the Assassin's Creed costume for LittleBigPlanet. You can only get it by purchasing the DLC.

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What are new games coming out for the psp?

Assassins Creed: Bloodlines and Little Big Planet are coming out for the PSP in November.

Can you go in buildings on assassins creed brotherhood?

you can go in the really big or famous buildings but not little ones like houses and shops

Is Assassins Creed Brotherhood a big game?

ya it is a big game...............as in playing.............nd in the market

What to do on assassins creed brotherhood?

Assassins' Creed Brotherhood is a very big open world game. You can either do Campaign Missions, Secondary Missions, or go around wherever you want that is possible in the game.

How do you get the battle axe in assassins creed 2?

Get em of brutes (the big dudes in armor)

What age is assassins creed 3?

The age is very big its about 34 to 70 lol

What are the best psp games?

star wars battlefront 2 locoroco god of war little big planet motor storm arctic edge assassins creed bloodlines ratchet and clank size matters burnout legends GTA Madden NFL 10

What do you do in the colluseam as desmond assassins creed?

I take it you mean Brotherhood.you put about assassins creed 2.you do no go into the colluseam in Assassins creed 2.But anyway, what you have to do is find your way throght the colluseam to meat up with the others.SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERSIF YOU DO NOT WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THE END DO NOT READ ANY MORE./////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////After you meat up with the others you have to run around this big room while the god person from Assassins Creed 2 talks to you. She makes you stab that girl from Assassins creed 1 and that follows you through Assassins creed 2 and Brotherhood because she is seakratly a Templar.SPOILERS OVER SPOILERS OVER SPOILERS OVERHOPE THIS HELPS YOU FELLOW ASSASSIN

Do you get everything from little big planet to little big planet 2?

yes,when you have new costumes in little big planet,enter little big planet 2 you will enter a page you can enter yes or no,enter yes

Which is better little big planet or little big planet 2?

Little Big Planet 2 because all the Little big Planet 1 multiplayer levels are carried over to little big planet 2 as well as all your clothing if you played little big planet 1. There are more fun gadgets like a metal hand which allows you to carry items bigger than your character.

Which is better - The Sims 3 for PC or Assassins Creed Brotherhood for PC?

Quite easy way to ask this, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, would be better on Other Consoles but Even though Assassin's creed Brotherhood bringing back the A.C Series back, I'd be a Big hit. so Assassin's creed Brotherhood is Better.

Can you play little big planet on Nintendo ds?

No as Little Big Planet is a Playstation exclusive.

Should i buy little big planet 2 and is little big planet 3 coming on ps3?

No. You should not buy big planet 2, instead you should wait for little big planet 3 which is coming son on PS 3.

When will they come out with little big planet for wii?

Never Sony owns the company that makes little big planet

Do they make little big planet for GameCube?

No Little Big Planet is for Playstation consoles like the PS3 and PSP.

Will little big planet be on Wii?

little big planet is made by sony and wii is made by nintendo so no

Can you get little big planet on xbox?

No, you can't the Little Big Planet series are for PS3 only.

How much has little big planet made?

It was reported that they sold 4.5 million copies of Little Big Planet. At roughly $60 per game, it could be estimated that Little Big Planet made about $270 million

On little big planet how do you get water?

Buy the Pirates Of The Carribian pack EDITED: In little big planet 2 water is free

Is saturn a little planet or a big planet?

It is one of the bigger planets

Are there any websites that can give you tutorials for Big Little Planet?

try you tube broadcast yourself and type in little big planet tutorials

Do you get a demo on the xbox f for little big planet?

Little Big Planet is made by Sony, so it will likely never come to XBox.

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