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well first you have to ask yourself is that really the problem...if it is then talk to her tell that you feel that her friends have been coming first in your relationship and you are troubled by it...say that your not asking her to give up her friends because you know how important they are to her but you feel as though your relationship is suffering because it...then try and meet her half way...spend time with her and her friends but also you two need time alone together to let your relationship grow...If she is not willing to compromise on this then... maybe its time to move on and meet someone who is more into you then their friends... I hope this helps and I wish you luck D.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-02 16:03:48
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Q: How do you get the attention of your girlfriend from her friends?
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Your friends laugh at your girlfriend and laugh at you?

If your friends laugh at you and your girlfriend then don't pay any attention to them, and stick up for your girlfriend. That will make your relationship go farther. And you can also know that if they make fun of you, then there not true friends.

What does a boyfriend like from their girlfriend?

their attention

What do you do when your dad has a girlfriend and is not paying attention to you?

Ask your dad for some alone time with him and NOT with his girlfriend and then tell him you want him to pay attention to you too.

Your son has an emotionally abusive girlfriend He has severed all ties with all of his friends He has very little contact with us What should you do?

Tell him he needs to drop his girlfriend. If she requires that much attention and not let him hang out with his friends, then he doesn't really need her. Friends are more important than girlfriends. Girlfriends come and go, real friends remain for a lifetime.

Why do guys say they want to stay friends even though they ignore you almost in front of their gf?

You are now a friend. He has a girlfriend now who gets the attention.

Why is your friends girlfriend is being mean?

Maybe she's jelous of the close friendship you and you friend have. Is she a attention seeker? does she crave his attention at all times?. Best thing is to tell your friend how she is with you and talk things out with her? Good luck

What do you do if you are in love with your friends older brother who has a girlfriend but his girlfriend is best friends with your friend and it is a long distance relationship?

tell him how you feel. Let him know you have a crush on him and that you think that because he has a long distance relationship he isn't getting the attention he needs or deserves. End by telling you can do it better then her anyways!

How do you fix a problem with an ex-girlfriend?

Depends if you are friends or not. If not friends then tell her to leave you alone.

How do you get attention from a boy who has a girlfriend?


How do you ask a guy out for your first time when you don't even know if he likes you and all of his friends definitely don't like you?

My friends HATE my girlfriend but it doesn't matter, because i love her so don't pay attention to them.

If you like somebody but you don't know if he has a girlfriend or not what do you do to attract his attention and to know if he has girlfriend or not?

Ask him.

Why is it that your girlfriend would cheat on you with your friends?

she's in the mode to cheat and your friends are not true friends! like seriously what kinda friend will help or join your girlfriend to cheat on you? and btw your girlfriend is not serious with you

How do you make your girlfriend feel comfortable?

*Introduce her to your parents *Have dinner with her *Go to the movies *Hang out with her friends *Go shopping with her (or browsing) *Make sure that your friends aren't obnoxious around her *Pay more attention to her than your friends *Flirt with her *Give her advice *Trust her

What do you do when your boyfriend has a girlfriend but he likes you equally as his girlfriend and you like him but you are good friends with his girlfriend?

have a threesome

What is the best gift to give to your girlfriend?

Your time and attention.

What does it mean if your girlfriend is rubbing your thigh?

She wants attention from you.

Ex girlfriend back?

if the ex girl friends call you and tell her that you have another girlfriend but i would like to be friends.

What if you have a girlfriend but your friends make fun of you because you dating her?

if there your real friends then they would be supportive of your relationship, and you shouldn't let your friends make fun of you girlfriend. remind them who has the girlfriend around here, And maybe they should get a girlfriend. But if you tell them to stop and they won't then forget them.

Excuses to get away from your girlfriend?

you pooped your pants, you had to walk the dog, you got an important call, you have a paper to write, you have to see your other girlfriend, your friends want you to hang out with them, your friend is in dire need of attention, your pet guinea pig is not feeling good today

Who is pit bulls girlfriend?

pit bulls girlfriend is my friends sister

Who likes and loves you?

LikesBoyfriend/GirlfriendFriendsLovesMotherBest friendsBoyfriend/GirlfriendSiblingsGrandparents

How do you know if a guy likes a friend of his best friends girlfriend?

he probally would talk about her and stare at her or make fun or talk bad about her. He will always want to hang around his best friend and his girlfriend, and he will constantly chat to his best friend and girlfriend to catch the attention of the girl he likes. Male dynamics :) *sigh*

You friend has a girlfriend and your girlfriend is your friends girlfriends friend but the thing is i believe i am starting to grow feelings for my friends girlfriend?

does your friend's girlfriend have feelings for you too? and you need to figure out which is more important to you, your friend and your current girlfriend? or your friend's girlfriend... i can't help you that much sorry :(

Is it bad to have your girlfriend blow your friends?

Yes. How does your girlfriend feel about doing that? I think it is disrespectful to you and your girlfriend to do it. Your friends are probably laughing at you now. Don't ask your girlfriend to do it any more, it will give you both a bad name.

Signs of a cheating girlfriend?

doesnt pay as much attention to you as she did.