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well iv heard that u need to go to an event but i don't know what that means so the best way to get it would be by using an action replay code or GameShark......i play Pokemon on my psp using gpsp and if anyone one knows the action replay code plz answer =)

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How do you get the Aurora ticket in Pokemon Emerald to get Deoxys Give you every possible way?

How do you get the Aurora ticket in Pokemon Emerald to get Deoxys Give you every possible way?

What else can you get with the questionarre in Pokemon Emerald?

The ability to get the aurora ticket

How do you transfer aurora ticket from Pokemon emerald to Pokemon sapphire?

I don't think you can.

How can you get the Aurora Ticket if you already caught Latias on Pokemon Emerald?


Is their any Pokemon emerald version cheats for code breaker?

I don't think so but you have to get either the mystic or aurora ticket to meet Deoxys...

Where does the aurora ticket take you on Pokemon emerald?

it helps you get deoxys on birth island

Where do you get an Aurora ticket in Pokemon Emerald?

Nintendo event only in UK JOOEDUDE

How To Get The Aurora ticket In Pokemon Emerald?

you cant get it in regular gameplay, its a event item.

Where do you aurora find ticket in Pokemon emerald?

You have to do somthing with all three games.

How do you get the Aurora Ticket in Pokemon Diamond?

I don't think you can. The auora ticket and all the other tickets are in Pokemon Sappire, Ruby, and Emerald.

What is the easiest way to get the aurora ticket in Pokemon emerald?

beat the elite 4 70 times and then go to prof birch then he will give you the aurora ticket

How do you get an Aurora ticket in emerald?

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How do you get Deoxes in Pokemon Emerald version?

you need to get the Auorora Ticket

Where is Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald?

Deoxys is on Birth Island, you can get there once you obtain the Aurora Ticket from the events.

Is there deoxes on Pokemon Emerald?

Yes you can capture it on birth island only accessible if you have the aurora ticket.

How do you get an Aurora Ticket in Pokemon Emerald Ruby Sapphire FireRed and LeafGreen versions?

You can only get the Aurora Ticket in Fire Red, Leaf Green, and Emerald. The ticket was given out at a Nintendo Event and can no longer be obtained. Although, there is a way to get the ticket through a cheating device, but I do not suggest you get it in that manner. However, if you mix records with a person who has the Aurora Ticket, you will also receive it.

How do you get Deoxys in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

Cheat to get the aurora ticket then go to birth island.

How can you get Aurora ticket in Pokemon emerald?

The Aurora Ticket was once an old event. The only way to obtain it currently is by using a Game Shark, Action Replay, or other cheating devices.

How do you go to deoxs in emerald?

Get the aurora ticket.

Other ways to get an aurora ticket in Pokemon?

There is no other way than to get it by using GameShark. The Aurora Ticket in Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen as ended for several years, so getting it legit is impossible.

Can you obtain an Aurora ticket on the Pokemon channel?

No, the Aurora Ticket cannot be obtained through Pokemon Channel.

How do you get an aura tickect on Pokemon emerald?

An Aurora Ticket is obtained only from cheating, or a special real life event.

Where so you find deoxys in Pokemon Emerald?

deoxys can be found on birth island only by having the aurora ticket.

Is it possible to find Deoxys in Pokemon Pearl?

No, not unless you have obtained the Aurora Ticket from a Nintendo Event and captured Deoxys in Fire Red, Leaf Green, or Emerald. You can also obtain an Aurora Ticket using a cheat code, but that is not good way to get it. If you have captured Deoxys on Fire Red, Leaf Green, or Emerald, you can migrate it to the Pal Park on your Pearl version.

How do you get aurura ticket in Pokemon Emerald?

U get the aurora ticket oly when u get ur game evented during an event[oly happens in the US].

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