How do you get the bait in Zelda?

First you need to get a jar. Then, find some bee larva. Then put the jar out like a fishing rod. Finally stand on the bee larva and hit the same button you put the jar on you get the bait.

TO GET THE JAR: First get your fishing rod out. Now, go fishing by the dock were the cat is twice and let the cat get the fish. Finally, the cat will eat your fish and run to the shop. Follow it. Talk to the owner and she will give you a JAR of milk. Drink it to get the empty bottle.

TO FIND BEE LARVA: First, Go by the house where the cat was. Next, find the ladder on the rock and climb it. Now, go on top of the roof with another ladder on it. Next, walk CAREFULLY on the roof to the end (if you fall, you have to do this again) and you will also see a yellow rupee too. Next, call the owl/hawk to come. Now, aim the owl/hawk at the bee hive on the BIG tree in front of you. Finally, bee larva will fall from the tree and you now can run over and get it!

TO BAIT YOUR ROD: Okay first, set your bait in a bottle and your fishing rod. Now, take out your rod. Now, take out your larva-in-a-bottle and they will automatically bait your rod. Finally, go fishing!