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How do you get the black puffle bed in club penguin?


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You cant.

But you can get a grey puffle house. Go to the pet furniture catalogue and click on the red puffle or the black puffle and then a white red and grey house will appear buy them for 500 coins each.

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no. there isn't a grey puffle on club penguin how come i saw a grey house and a grey bed in the puffle items catalog

Okay, When your in the cave of the Brown Puffles, there will be a note where you adopt the puffle. Then there will be a sign where it says free with the Brown puffle bed. Walk up to that. And you get as many free beds as you want.

Now, if you feed it or play with it or put it to bed, it will use its furniture.

You go to the puffle shop find the catalog and buy the bed that you like.

To make a bed, you need to get some random items to form something that looks like a bed such as: puffle beds, bean bag chairs, small chairs, fences. Good luck and have fun

You can use a big floor speak turned backwards or sideways for a fridge. You can use a Dj turn table as the stove and a wood drawers turned backwards. And then use a blue puffle bed with the puffle water bottle for the sink. And there you have it! A HAPPY CLUB PENGUIN KITCHEN WITHOUT USING THE REAL FURNITURE! Bye! (:

u go on the puffle houses page and click on the P on the heading

First: go get a blue puffle second: go to bed third: you earn one week membership and a mission fourth thumbs up :)

go to the pet shop on club penguin dressed as a baby and sit where the adults can see you and where a baby would be like in the puffle bed on the bottom right side of the screen I hope my answer helped you! Also dont use a wig they make you a child not a baby!

They're hidden in the pet furniture catalog. To get the house, go the the Houses page and wave your mouse over the red puffle. Click it and the white, black and red house will appear. To get the bed, go to the Bedzz page, wave your mouse over the orange puffle and click it to get the white and black bed.

No... But you can buy normal penguin bed sheets.

You have to be a member for this.Go into the wilderness(i mean the place in the January party 2011)in the dock and complete all the challenges,when you complete them and sail in the boat,you will see a cave(the brown puffle cave!).Enter it and above the green puffle bed the will be a letter,click on it then it will ask you if you want to adopt a brown puffle,click adopt and you will get your brown puffle,Good Luck!!! :)you can now buy the brown puffle in the pet shop and check out Disney channel

You cannot but you can put 2 couches next to each other.

Its because the pet shop has become a penguin adoption center where you go in and either be a baby or adopt one you see it all started when a group of penguins started saying "'adopt me!'' while sitting in a puffle bed in the pet shop then eventully they were adopted and I know that because I adopted one of those firt babies.

you buy it a bed an make it sleep it will automatically do it

well if you put five stickers under your bed at night you'll have the stamp in the morning

the lodge in club penguin doesn't have any rooms! there's the attic the first floor and the door you go to play the game gone fishing!

Okay first thing you do is you put on your pajamas. Then what you have to do is get your bed. It has to be your own, it can't be someone Else's If you don't have one then you can't do the cheat. Then you have to run in 3 circles around a friend's house. Then you go to the gift shop then buy a girl shirt. OK then go to your house and sit in the bed. Call someone a name (not to mean like stinky or something) Then go buy a puffle. The go to the house and sit in the bed again. You should be asleep! and over your head it says "I'm tired and in trouble...." No one can see it. I swear it works!!!!!!!!!!!

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