How do you get the braille paper in pokémon sapphire?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: How do you get the braille paper in pokémon sapphire?
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How do you get vulpix in pokmon sapphire?

at mt. pyre

What is the braille for regiices cave in Pokemon sapphire?

look up a braille calculator

How do you get glalie in pokmon sapphire?

Evolve Snorunt. Snorunt can be found in Shoal Cave Ice Room

How do you get the Braille decoder sheet in sapphire?

Look up a normal braille sheet on the internet

What is the braille for regice on Pokemon sapphire?

In the sapphire version, go up to the braille, read it, and then sit there and wait for about two minutes (without moving your character).

How do you read the braille in the secret chambers in sapphire?

A person can read the braille in the Secret Chambers in Pokemon Sapphire by translating the braille to the corresponding letters of the alphabet. A person will be required to dig to reach the appropriate area of the chamber.

If i don't have a braille chart how will i know what it says on the sapphire in LeafGreen?

You can research "How to read Braille" for more information.

Where is the braille on sapphire?

It's in the sealed chamber which is in route 134.

What is the dot's language in Pokemon sapphire and ruby version?


How do you get braille decoder sheet in Pokemon sapphire?

it is in the hand book :)

What printer prints information on paper in braille?

A Braille printer....seriously that is the answer

Pokmon LeafGreen how to get the black flute?

you can't get the black flute in leaf green but you can in Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald then trade it to leaf green.