How do you get the chameleon suit on spy island?

You get it from the "eye doctor", who does research for the spy agency. To get the chameleon suit, you have to go into Spyglass Eyewear. Ask Dr. Spyglass (guy at the counter) for an eye exam. To let the doctor know you have been sent by Director D, you ask for an eye exam, and then select the REVERSE of each symbol that he points to. (Upside-down, or right-to-left.) He will let you in the upstairs laboratory using the outside door. Once you are inside, click on the doctor and he will tell you about his his lastest invention (the chameleon suit). The "chameleon suit" allows you to blend in with your surroundings. He will give it to you, and you can use it to slip past the guards and dogs at the docks. There you can rescue the first missing spy. *To put it on or take it off, simply click on the "Items" button (the backpack in the top right-hand corner of the screen) and select it.