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aim the light from the lighthouse at the bird

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Where is the 8 comic strip in big nate island?

there's not really a last comic strip but the last one I found was on the speaker in the school

Where do you find the comic strip on the Scaffold on Big Nate island?

The comic piece is on the right side of the school, on top of the metal framework.

Where is the last comic strip piece on Big nate island?

The last frame, lower right of the comic strip, is at the top of the scaffolding just to the right of the school. (see related question)

Where is the comic strip part in the comic shop on Big Nate island?

You get the frame for the strip from the guy who runs the comic store (wearing a tan shirt).

Where is the comic that the guy wants on Big Nate Island?

You have to assemble the comic strip from the frame (which he gives you) and the 8 missing pieces that are scattered about on Big Nate Island. (see related questions)

Where is the secret diagram on Big Nate island?

In Nate's locker. The combination is on the assembled comic strip.

Where is the 8 pieces of the comic strip?

7 peices. and there is a nother version of that question try: were are all the pieces of the comic strip on big nate island. or something like that

What school does Big Nate go to?

Big Nate is a comic strip character who is in the 6th grade at the mythical P.S. 38.

How do you get in trouble in poptropica big Nate island?

you have to find all the comic strip pieces and get gum at the comic store then you trade it in and get back to school and thenchew it and a teacher will come out and you go into the detention room

Who created Big Nate island on poptropica?

Big Nate Island was created by the Family Education Network (Pearson Media) based on the comic strip by Lincoln Peirce.

What does the comic strip say on Big Nate Island?

locker combo: NINE THREE ZERO FIVE

Where is the comic strip in the science lab on big nate island?

go to the left jump and look at the solar system model and there's a comic in it.

What is in the locker in the school on Big Nate island poptropica?

a school blueprint. get the combanation on the FINSHED comic.

Are there 8 comic strips on Big Nate island?

You get the frame from the guy at Klassic Komix, and there are 8 pieces of the strip scattered around the island.

What is the comic on Big Nate Island?

The Big Nate Comic is a strip with its pieces scattered across Big Nate Island. Get the frame from the guy in the tan shirt at Klassic Komix, and find the 8 pieces at various locations. Assemble them and bring them back to himfor a useful reward.(see related question)*There is also a mini-strip drawn by Nate in the Table Football game played at the playground, and an archive of comics you can view in the comic shop basement.

Where are the blueprints for the school on big nate island?

You'll find the blueprints in Nate's locker, after you know his combo, which is located on the comic strip, you found all the pieces to. I'm not sure what to do after that.

How do you find all the comic strip on big nate island?

Look all around and jump on the electrical cords by his place.

Where is the science lab on big nate island?

It is on the second floor inside the school. There is a comic strip piece there, and you can make a stink bomb with the chemical set. (Mix blue and yellow and heat.)

How do you get in detetention in poptropica Big nate Island?

Put together all the comic strip pieces. Give it to the guy who gave you the title piece. Go to the school and chew the gum that he gave you.

How do you get into detintion on Big Nate Island?

collect the comic peices and get the gum from the comic guy by givng him the comic peices. Then go into the school and chew your gum.

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