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How do you get the cow plant in the Sims 2?

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2008-08-16 10:05:32

You must have a Sims 2 University expansion pack installed. You

can get the cow plant as a career reward. Your sim must graduate

college and get a job in the natural science career track to get

it. You can also get a cow plant on the Sims 2 University with one

of these 2 cheats: --Boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true. By using

this you are allowing yourself many options you do not have in

regular gameplay. To use these option press shift+click on the

object you want to use. You will get a wide variety of new options

for the object including "Force error." NEVER select the force

error option for any object. To get the cow plant, Shift+click on

the newspaper and unlock the natural science career reward. --OR,

You can use the cheat Unlockcareerrewards. It will make all career

rewards available to the sim you are controlling at the time.

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