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You can do a search at and

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Q: How do you get the elf deck in magic the gathering?
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What is the Magic The Gathering giant deck?

A giant deck is a deck consisting of the creature type giant.

How much is a magic the gathering theme deck?

60-75 cards,

How do you make a good white deck in magic the gathering?

You just need a good deck with flying and cards that give you life

Where can you make your own magic the gathering deck online?

The best place to make a deck online would be because after you make a deck you can test for free.

What card are in a magic the gathering starter deck?

I presume that you mean tournament packs. If so they are random.

Would someone help me revise my Magic the Gathering deck?

Email me at if you can help me!

Where can you play magic the gathering with any deck in porto?

Use the Store and Event Locator from Wizards.

Where can you get a distortion Magic the Gathering deck?

If you are referring to a pre-constructed deck, you can buy one at any store that sells magic cards, or anywhere online that also sells magic cards. If you are referring to a deck archetype, you will need to search online for a decklist of cards that you require.

What is the most valuable magic the gathering deck?

The Wikipedia claims that the Black Lotus is the most valuable card ever.

Rate this Red magic the gathering burn deck?

Could the asker please direct us to a decklist for the deck itself? We can't help until that happens.

How can you see if your elf-magic elf is done with its work?

elf magic is real and parents do not move it

Does the magic elf come back on your birthday?

I am sorry to disappoint you on this, but there is no such thing as a magic elf coming by on your birthday. Unless it would be someone dressed up as the magic elf.