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Created by Richard Garfield, Magic: The Gathering is a card game introduced in 1993. Each player uses a deck of printed or virtual cards through the Internet-based Magic: The Gathering Online, MTG Arena, or other third-party programs.

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What is rampage ability in magic?

Rampage is a triggered ability on creatures and is written as Rampage followed by a number (E.g. Rampage 2).

When a creature with rampage is blocked it, gets +X/+X until the end of turn for each creature that blocked it beyond the first one, where X is the value written after rampage.

E.g. If a creature with Rampage 2 was blocked by a single creature, it would gain no bonus to its power and toughness; if it was blocked by two creatures it would get +2/+2 until end of turn; if it was blocked by three creatures it would get +4/+4 until end of turn, etc.

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How many cards are in a magic booster pack?

It matters what pack you get, there are 15 card packs usually about 4 US dollars or 6 card packs are about 2 US Dollars.

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Is Magic The Gathering a Cult?

Magic the Gathering is not a cult. It is a collectible card game.

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What is the weight of one magic the gathering card?

.023 pounds

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When was magic the gathering created?

Magic the Gathering was released in 1993. The concept of Magic The Gathering was developed a few years before.

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What is the full glossary for magic the gathering?

wizards com is the basic rulebook, towards the end, there is a large glossary, if this is not enough, you can try elsewhere on the site.

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How much do magic the gathering booster pack cost?

In the UK, most shops sell a 15- card booster pack for the RRP of £3.49. This applies to the latest of recent sets. Older sets will usually cost more.

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Is there a free game like magic the gathering?

Not anymore. Cockatrice was free but Wizards of the Coast shut it down earlier this year.

Note: Cokatrice is still being hosted by woogerworks

If you want a way to play MTG for free then Cockatrice is great, However if you want a similiar but different free game, then spectromancer has a free to play flash version and was designed by Richard Garfield (designer of MTG)

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How do you sort out magic the gathering cards?

Organisation of anything is always a matter of personal preference, although if you are a hardcore collector you will inevitably end up with thousands of them and some system or structure is probably advisable, lest you risk not knowing what cards you actually have or be rendered unable to find ones you think you should have.

You can organise by colour, type, set and name or a variation of those so that you know roughly where to look for that extra Duress or Eternal Witness for your new deck.

Out of preference, when I reached a sizeable collection I spent a weekend ordering them by colour, type and name; I crafted a spreadsheet so I could filter electronically without having to even touch the cards themselves, test out the deck and finally, if I liked it; extract the cards from the collection.

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Is there a reaching or flying wall in Magic The Gathering that needs white mana?

There are many flying walls that use white mana.

Wall of Denial, Wall of Reverence, Sunweb, Wall of Shards, Angelic Wall, Wall of Swords, Ageless Sentinels.

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What are the different tournament types in magic the gathering and what are the rules and restrictions for each type?

You can find a complete list of formats and their unique rules in the link below:

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What is a good deck that uses Gideon Jura?

MonoW Eldrazi

1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

3 Kozilek, Butcher of Truth

2 Pilgrim's Eye

2 Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre

4 Wall of Omens

4 Path to Exile

4 All Is Dust

3 Day of Judgment

3 Survival Cache

1 Dreamstone Hedron

4 Everflowing Chalice

4 Eldrazi Temple

1 Eye of Ugin

4 Kabira Crossroads

16 Plains

2 Tectonic Edge

2 Gideon Jura


4 Kor Firewalker

4 Celestial Purge

2 Rest for the Weary

1 Day of Judgment

1 Dreamstone Hedron

3 Pithing Needle

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What is mountain walk in Magic the Gathering?

Mountainwalk is one of the six "land walk" abilities that creatures can have, the others being Plainswalk, Islandwalk, Forestwalk, Swampwalk and Non-basic Landwalk. Each refers to a specific land type, and means that if the defending player controls a land of that type, then the attacking creature cannot be blocked.

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Are there color specific booster packs in magic the gathering?

No. No stand alone color specific booster are sold. However theros sealed prerelease boxes contain a semi-randomized pack that favors one color heavily.

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Why is black lotus banned in magic the gathering?

There are two major reasons the first is the card ruins the tempo of the game, the general progression allows players to play 'little' stuff early and the 'big' stuff later on but black lotus allows a player to play cards with high mana costs too early in the game for opponents to handle it. The second reason is the price of the card, most players will not spend thousands to play, but the player who do spend thousands to buy 4 black lotuses would have such a significant advantage that the game wouldn't be fun for anyone.

When magic was initially being designed the designers believed that the geographical dispersion of the cards paired with the inherit rareness of rare cards would make it next to impossible for anyone to get more then 2 or 3 copies of a particular rare. They were incorrect, which meant cards that were designed to have a power level that would only be seen every few games were showing up near every game.

Calling it simply a 'banned card' for any one reason does not take into account the different formats in Magic the Gathering. Some formats only allow newer cards, which would automatically disqualify it from use - this is different from calling it 'banned'. Some formats allow older cards, and Black Lotus can be used in some of them - this is the reason why it is so expensive.

Most Magic players will know it is one of the 'Power 9' and much more powerful than many other cards, but it is still legal in some formats, and in the formats that it can't be used in, it is disallowed for other reasons than banned for power alone.

'Standard' format for example allows only cards from the last two blocks, and the current core set. Black Lotus does not belong to any of these, hence it can't be used. Cards are rarely, if ever, banned in this format (Skullclamp managed it) but cards are still disallowed due to age even if there is not an actual banlist.

'Extended' allows a few more sets; four blocks and a few core sets. Black Lotus is still far too old to be allowed.

'Vintage' allows cards from any set. Black Lotus is not banned in this format, although it is restricted to one. Cards are not banned for power reasons in this format, the banned list involves cards that require ante, subgames or manual dexterity, like Chaos Orb.

'Legacy' is a more restrictive version of Vintage, and here, Black Lotus is banned due to its power.

So if you're lucky enough to have a Black Lotus, feel free to enter a Vintage tournament with it. Just don't expect to be able to use it in Standard, Legacy, or Extended, etc.

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How popular is the 'Magic The Gathering' card game?

Approximately 12 Million players as of 2011

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How do poison counters work in Magic the Gathering?

If you gain 10 of them in any way, you lose the game.

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What are the dimensions of a Magic The Gathering card?

63 x 88 mm (2.5 by 3.5 inches)

6.3 x 8.8 cm

Less than 1 mm thick.

approx .2877 mm thick.

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What stores in Texas sell MTG cards?

Target and Wal-mart are good stores anywhere, Movie Trading co/Vintage stock/V-Stock have a good selection of singles and packs at fair prices (they have excellent sales) however your not garunteed that the sales staff is familiar with MTG. Most comic and games shops will sale them, the best way to find these is to google your area plus comics or your area plus MTG.

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How many Magic the Gathering cards are there?

there is over 15,000 cards atleast if you collected one of each from alpha to the newest set and more are created all the time, so to get a dead on number would almost be impossible. just count them yourselves from alpha to the newest set, let me know what you get to before you quit.

so i used a site that had all the cards from alpha to present and i found out that the acctual number is 10618 including the five colors of lands

As of June 12, 2010, I counted 11,179 different cards. I did some quick math using the gatherer, so I might be off a few.

As of Jan 31st, 2011, there are 20,043 unique cards. This includes EVERY card, from promo cards to tokens.

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In Magic the Gathering what does 'trample' mean?

'Trample' allows a creature to deal damage to a player even it is blocked. When damage is dealt, it needs only assign 'lethal' damage to the blockers, the rest is dealt to the player. 'Lethal damage' is considered to be damage equal to the blocker's toughness, it does not take 'Protection' or 'Indestructable' into account. So take a situation where an 8/8 trampler is blocked by a 1/1 creature with indestructable, and a 1/1 creature who has protection from the colour of the attacker. The attacker can deal 1 damage to each, and the remaining 6 to the opponent, it doesn't matter that both creatures survive the 'lethal' damage.

As a last note, a creature with both Trample and Deathtouch needs only deal a single point of damage to any blocker, regardless of toughness. So if that same creature above was blocked by two 3/3 creatures, it still can deal just one to each and the rest to the player. Without Deathtouch it would be forced to deal 3 to each, and only 2 to the player.

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Is sorin markov a vampire planeswalker in magic the gathering?

Sorin Markov is indeed a vampire who became a planeswalker. But in-game, he is never counted as a vampire spell/permanent, same as how the planeswalker forms of Nicol Bolas and Karn do not count as a Dragon/Golem.

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Can instants affect tapped creatures in magic the gathering?

Of course. There is nothing about being tapped that stops a creature being targeted or otherwise affected by a spell or ability, unless specifically stated that they work only on untapped creatures.

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Is magic the gathering sold in UAE?

Magic The Gathering Tactics can be downloaded directly from the website and doesn't require a purchase. However, you'll need to buy the packs in order to create powerful decks

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Best life link magic cards?

Spirit Link is the best life link card.

Doesn't have lifelink but similar. Phantom Nishoba. 5 + green + white. Creature - beast spirit. 0/0. Trample. Phantom Nishoba comes into play with 7 +1/+1 counters on it. Whenever Phantom Nishoba deals damage, you gain that much life. If damage would be dealt to Phantom Nishoba, Prevent that damage. Remove a +1/+1 counter from Phantom Nishoba.

another great Lifelink creature, is Trancendent Master. It is a leveler that takes 12 level counters(1 generic mana to level it) to bring it up to a 9/9 with Lifelink and Indestructable.

Arguably, Celestial Mantle is a powerful "lifelink" card.


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