Fuel Filters

How do you get the fuel lines off of an old fuel filter on a 1994 E250 van to get a new filter on?

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February 17, 2009 9:02PM

Take It To A Good Mechanic ( You Have To Have A Special Tool To Get The Clamps Off, Or Break Them & Then Take It To The Mechanic ) I replaced the fuel filter on my 1992 E-150 and I got a set of plastic tools to remove fuel lines. They worked and only cost me about $7 or $8. I would splurge and get the $16.00 tool. It looked like it would work better. Small price to pay to avoid paying a mechanic. Yes ,the new fuel and A/C lines use a snap in compresion fitting. There are sets in both metric and standard, or you can just buy the size you need ,if you know it. Your gonna need to relieve the fuel pressure(a valve like on a tire on fuel rail) .Then insert the tool press in, wiggle, push in more then pull. Sometimes it can be a pain to get them apart, you just have to play with it.