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Try giving the chao a skull dog and then give it the top of the egg and let it evolve.

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Hero garden sonic adventure battle 2?

You get it by raising a full grown hero chao. Just raise a baby with a hero character (Sonic, Tails, you know) and wait for them to blossom a chao head shaped cacoon, it'll play 2 tunes and the cacoon will dissappear. And there you have both a hero chao, and hero chao garden.

How much run animals do you give your sonic chao?

Give it animals until its run is at level 99. Then it will be a full sonic chao.

Is there a full version of sonic adventure DX for GameCube?

"Sonic Adventure" was originally created for the Dreamcast, and is now available in the PlayStation Network and XBox Live. "Sonic Adventure DX" is an enhanced version of the original game for the Gamecube and Windows.

When will the full version of sonic battle cards come out?

Sonic Most Plays

Where is the full version of sonic battle cards?


Can you play the full version of sonic battle cards?

yes I can

How do you raise chao on sonic advance 1?

Well first you need to go in the tiny chao garden if you don't have a chao already a egg should be there if not press the L button and buy an egg press A on the egg until it hatches now use your rings to buy food for your chao to get rings either get some from the stages or press A on the game boy advances and play a chao minigame either rock-paper-scissors, a matching game or a find a specific chao game complete the minigames to gain rings buy food then take it to your chao it will eat it continue to do this until its full. If you have a copy of sonic adventure 1 or 2 and a Nintendo gamecube or Wii system and a GCN to GBA cable you can transfer your chao into the chao gardens that are in the games using the game boy advance in the gardens.

Why is sonic battle cards full version stopped?

they have not made it yet

How many cards can you get in sonic battle cards full version?

buy it

Is sonic battle cards full version out?

i dont think so but it maybe yes

Did night fox27 give up on sonic battle cards full version?

I think so

Where can you find the full version of Sonic Battle Cards?

it is not out yet. i wAs told it comes out next yeAr.

How do you download sonic battle cards?

you can only download the test not the full game but i think the full game is almost ready to PLAY!

How can you complete sonic for sonic battle cards?

Sonic's Story isn't ready yet. Apparently, the creater didn't finish the full version yet.

Why does the full veirsoin on sonic battle cards not work?

Because the people that madse it did nit finish it. And then someone made a a game with increible speed they cal me sonic and then that was it.

Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut PC Saved Game Files?

Save files contain your saved game progress information. you can download sonic adventure DX director's cut PC full version 100% complete save file here from my blog go to this link:

Sonic's abilities in sonic adventure 2?

I believe the full list is light dash, fire spin, bounce, light attack, and magic hands.

Full form of sonic?

hyper sonic

Where is the full verison of sonic battle cards?

The game is known as "Sonic Test Run" and it is not going to happen. It was announced to appear in 2007, but it never came. Sorry, but it just doesn't exist.

Is sonic battle cards full version out yet?

Its not coming out they canceled it! No they didn't!There's a bug on the game and the creator is trying to fix it!

Where can you watch full episodes of Adventure Time?

You can watch full episodes of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network.

Where do you find ancient light for Sonic in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

You find it in Green Forest, which is stage 5. You find it after the only half loop in the level (as opposed to a full loop). After the loop you need to stop and turn your camera around 180 degrees, and you'll see some robots behind you. You need to homing attack on the robots until you reach a platform, which has the ancient light.

Where can you watch full free episodes of adventure time?

Full episodes of Adventure Time can be found on Cartoon Network.

How do you get a rainbow chao?

* Step 1:Acquire a Chao egg from your garden or by mating two Chaos. A spotted egg will produce a Chao that has the potential to become a Rainbow Baby Chao. A colored egg will only change the ball on the top of the Chao's head. * Step 2:Hatch then feed the Chao red Chaos Drives until the Chao's power equals ten. The red Chaos Drives will increase the Chao's strength by eight points for every ten the Chao is fed. Get the red Chaos Drives by using Tails or Dr. Eggman to collect them. * Step 3:Make the Chao a Hero Child Chao to create stripes that will help form the rainbow. To make the Chao Baby a Hero Child Chao, have Sonic, Knuckles or Tails pet, hold or cuddle the Baby Chao. * Step 4:Create a Dark Child Chao instead of a Hero Child Chao if you desire. It will have stripes its whole life, unlike the Hero Child Chao. To create a Dark Child Chao have Shadow, Rouge or Dr. Eggman pet, hold or cuddle the Baby Chao. * Step 5:Repeat these steps three times. This will result in a full, dark power Baby Chao with stripes that resemble a rainbow.

Where can you get the full Sonic test run game?

the full game is coming on october 2007 sonic test run full version is never coming