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How do you get the dog to its home in big nate on poptropica?

you don't get it home you have to move the girls first and then use the crackers right where the girls where .

Where do the girls stand on big nate island?

On Big Nate island the three girls stand on the playground to the right of the school .

Where is the dog supposed to dig on big nate island?

Underneath the three girls on the playground. He won't dig there though until the girls move. You get them to move by ringing the bell on top of the school.

How do you take out the time capsule on Big Nate island on poptropica?

get the girls to move and have the dog dig it up then move your mouse like your trying to take it out

Does the timer move when you make the stink bomb on big nate?

I have finished Big Nate and no the timer does not run out

Where is the timecapslue in big nate?

Where the girls are talking, but you have to get rid of them.

How Do you get the Capusle out of the ground On Big Nate?

you find the bell and look for the thing that goes inside the bell and make it ring,so the girls can move,put a cracker where the girls were standing and there you have it.

What do you do with spitzy the dog in big nate islind?

You have to get the peanut butter crackers, and when the girls move you use them where they were and the dog will dig until he finds something.

Where is the capsule on big nate?

underneath the group of girls who are talking

Where is the time capsule in big nate in poptropica?

in the playground where the girls are.

Where is the caspsule on big nate island?

its where the talking girls are standing

How do you make the girls leave on big nate?

yell at them for as long as you can.....

Where is the treasure in big nate island?

The Treasure is on the ground where the girls that are ignoring you are

Waere is the capsul on big nate?

it is at the playground under the girls feet

What do you do with the peanut crackers on big nate?

you give it to the dog when you get the girls out of the way.

What if you didn't put the crackers in a wrong place in big nate?

well, u have to fix the bell on the school and then the girls will move and right where they were u put the crackers!!!

What are all the big nate books?

Big Nate books are:Big Nate in a Class by Himself,Big Nate Strikes Again, Big Nate On a Roll,Big Nate Goes for Broke, Big Nate Flips Out,Big Nate Out Loud, Big Nate From the Top, Big Nate and Friends, Big Nate Makes the Grade,and Big Nate What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Some of these books have only comics, and some are books without them.

Once the girls have moved where do you put the buiscits on poptropica big nate?

You put the biscuits in the middle of where the girls were.

How do you move the bird on big nate?

shine the light on the bird with the lobster

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